We Have Wood! Construction Progress

rubber soulIsn’t it good…

…Norwegian wood.

The Beatles-1965

Spring is definitely in the air. Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend. And a peak over our construction fence lets us know that this is the season for building. In the last week, quite a bit has been accomplished. The concrete foundation has cured, and a layer of black goop applied to several of the concrete walls. The goop is optional water proofing, and it makes sense in view of our proximity to the retention pond. We are throwing in an extra sump pump as well. Now is the time to be in full protection mode. An ounce of prevention and all that…

steel2Our steel beams have been set as well. I am not an architect or engineer, but I trust we have enough steel to shoulder the load. We plan to have lots of house parties, those steel beams better be tough! But even bigger news is that the wood and accompanying crew have arrived. We can hear their hammers ringing out. Its a sound we have been waiting a long long time to hear. It’s not all perfect–one of my four new tires picked up a nail somewhere and I can only assume it was from the construction site. Fortunately it only caused a slow leak and Laurel BMW was able to patch me up. I hope the patch lasts at least as long as it takes to complete the house. I want to park all four of those tires in the new garage!wood

Now we expect to see the framing move ahead rapidly. Then it will be time to install that peculiar green sheathing, the ZIP system. We still haven’t seen very many residential homes using it, we just hope it lives up to its billing as an energy saver. Anyone out there have any experience with it?

So now the pressure is on us. Make our decisions, get things ordered. Barb has most choices narrowed down. But there are an awful lot of moving pieces to make all the puzzle parts fit together in a timely fashion. No back orders for us…we hope!

That’s our current construction summary. But I feel like a little music trivia today as well. The word “Wood” made me think of double “o’s”. How many musical acts can you think of that have a double o in their name. Goo-Goo Dolls is an easy one. They are a double double. But there are lots more. List them here, or send them to me at lesraff@post.com


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