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To the Family Who Will Buy Our House, Whoever You Are

  Our house… …was our castle and our keep. Madness, 1982 It is late February now. The weather changes from day to day, bright and sunny on Tuesday, windy and stormy by Wednesday. Most of our  trees are bare, though we fear these temperature shifts may confuse them into early budding. And we don’t want... Read more »

McDonalds Breakfast All Day-What's the Big Deal?

I always cook with honey… …to sweeten up the night. Judy Collins, 1973 You can’t escape their radio ads. It has given their stock price a big boost. Whether you must have an Egg McMuffin or Sausage Biscuit, you can get it at your local Golden Arches any time of day. So what’s special about... Read more »

Music Trivia Tuesday-What do Neil Young and Neil Diamond Have in Common?

Where did the title to your favorite album or CD comes from? It might be simple, just the name of the artist or band, such as the first album from  Boston. Sometimes a Roman numeral gets appended and you have a Chicago  II or a Led Zeppelin III.  With concept albums, the artist may choose... Read more »

Would We Still Want To Be On "Family Feud"?

We are family… …Get up ev’rybody and sing Sister Sledge–1978 Let’s travel back in time. Four years ago I sat in a cavernous hall in Rosemont with Michael and several nieces and nephews. Here we were, auditioning for “Family Feud.” You remember the show. Back in the mid 1970’s. Richard “Dickie” Dawson, Hogan’s Newkirk, hosting.... Read more »

The Candidates Speak On Education

And I’m never going back… …to my old school. Steely Dan-1973 An article in this week’s Time Magazine reexamines the concept of starting high school classes later in the day, to better fit the circadian rhythms of teenagers. Scientific data supports the change, but most school districts find it impossible to make the change for... Read more »

Timeshare Hat Trick: How We Wound Up With A House, A Hole, And A Week

Vacation, all I ever wanted… …vacation, had to get away. The Go-Gos, 1982 You know about the house and the hole. We have lived in and loved the house for almost twenty six years. We have such wonderful memories, when the time comes it will be hard to say goodbye. But we know it will... Read more »

Another Letter To Doug Parker, American Airlines CEO

Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane… …ain’t got time to take a fast train. The Letter The Box Tops, 1967 Hey Doug, You may recall that I used this blog to lay out my frustration with American Airlines’ handling of our family trip to Miami in December. Of course my letter to you was just... Read more »