Turning 60 Along With Some Of My Friends

white albumThey say it’s your birthday…

…it’s my birthday too yea.

The Beatles, 1968

This is it. Today I am 60. And no, I don’t feel ancient or even feel senior. I don’t feel creaky, and I don’t feel like I am on the downside of the slope. Personally and professionally, I still feel on top! Of course, right now the new house is a low point. What else can you call a hole in the ground? But I am sure it will soon begin to rise, even if Barb has to commit a few homicides on contractors to get it going. Believe me, she is motivated AND capable!

Who else is turning 60 this year? Most of our friends have already hit that milestone, but lots of celebrities join me as mid-to-late baby boomers born in 1956. We grew up with black and white TV’s without a remote control, music spinning on vinyl, and movies shot on film. But we have grown and mostly prospered in this changed digital world. A few memorable 56’ers:

  • Tom Hanks: A great actor, and if he hadn’t starred in Splash, Madison would never have become such a popular name.
  • Carrie Fisher: When we  caught her one woman show in Chicago, didn’t realize we would be seeing her back in Star Wars. Who knew?
  • Bryan Cranston: Sure, we liked him on Seinfeld and Malcolm, but Breaking Bad was our first TV binge. Was it because of Mr. White, or did Barb have a crush on Jessie?
  • Joe Montana: A 56er by birth, a 49er forever.
  • Rod Blagojevich: A believer in tradition- Step 1 become Governor of Illinois, Step 2 Go to prison. Good thing my political career ended at School Board President.
  • John Lydon:  When your band mate’s name is Sid Vicious, it’s amazing that you reach 60, even if you are Johnny Rotten.
  • Geena Davis: Great memories of Laury’s favorite movie, A League of Their Own. With Tom Hanks as her manager, what could go wrong?
  • Bob Saget: Another hero of our kids’ childhood. But Fuller House? Really?
  • Maureen McCormick: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. I have NOTHING more to say. Really.
  • Mel Gibson: Mad Max Fury Road was one of my favorite movies of 2015. Oh wait, Mel wasn’t in it. Loved Charlize though.
  • Marc Trestman: One last Illinois tradition. Step 1 become Bear coach, Step 2 lose, Step 3 Get fired.

60 will be grand. And I promise to write all about it.



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