Isn't This Blog Supposed To Be About Building A House?

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The Killers, 2006

Yes, it has been awhile since we have had a lesson in Home Building 101. Weather and other assorted issues have caused a bit of a hiatus in the Big Dig. All of you who warned us that we needed to keep some flexibility in our time line were right on target. So as you have all noticed, the blogs have had to find some alternate topics*, which have made me a few new friends, and alas, some new frenemies.

But today we are back in the world of construction. The thaw last week finally allowed completion of excavation. Of course, the thaw is being followed by a brutal cold snap, so I don’t think the concrete for the foundation will be flowing for a while. But the weather is no barrier for Barb. She has been researching, reading, revising, and improving. The muntins entered limbo for a while, but are back in their rightful place on the windows. Roofing continues to be a challenge, as the pluses and minuses of a variety of products are weighed. We have discovered a new contender, a pseudo-slate, manufactured in part from recycled rubber products. Made in Canada, it is eco-friendly, and not bad looking, but not yet popular in the Chicago area. If you have used it, give us a review! Barb has also been busy evaluating all the plumbing fixtures. Sinks, toilets, tubs. So many styles, so many trends. It can be overwhelming.

Overwhelming is an understatement when talking about Abt Appliances in Glenview, Disney World® for adults. Barb and I have been shopping with them for 35 years,  through three of their locations and four of our homes. Their incredible selection is matched by wonderful service and attention to detail. I don’t know how I failed to give them one of my customer service awards. In two hours we had placed an order for everything from refrigerators to ovens to dishwashers and more. We scored a deal on a manufacturers close out oven model.  Almost a rare Abt glitch with that one though. Since the oven is a close out, the store required us to take possession now, even though it won’t be installed for months. When the delivery driver called to say he was on his way he mentioned the address he was headed to. Delivering the oven to that big hole in Riverwoods would not have been the desired outcome! Fortunately Barb was able to direct him to our current home, where a large oven crate now takes up a quarter of my garage.

When  Barb and I aren’t researching the home, we have been binge watching Sons of Anarchy, a motorcycle gang mash-up of The Godfather (a favorite movie) and The Sopranos (a favorite TV show.) It is violent and compelling, and stars a young Brit, Charlie Hunnam, that Barb thinks is cute. That is his picture at the top of the blog. I figure that between Neil Diamond on the last blog, and Charlie on this one, I should be in Barb’s good graces for at least a month. Any opinions from the ladies out there on Charlie vs. Neil?


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