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Mattel's New Barbies Are Not Enough!

It’s just a … …personality crisis. New York Dolls, 1973 When Laury was a little girl, the gift she always asked for, but never received, was a shiny pink plastic Barbie car. It would have been the perfect companion for her blonde, sleek, and unnaturally proportioned Barbie doll. But with sales of that California Barbie... Read more »

I Have A Trophy Wife, And Other Things I Learned Playing Tennis Twice A Week

Do this, don’t do that… …can’t you read the sign? Five Man Electrical Band, 1971 Who remembers “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”, Robert Fulghum’s best selling  book in the late ’80s? It taught us that if we all shared and cleaned up after ourselves the world would be a better place. Sort... Read more »

Can Someone Create This App?

Sometimes I’m right… …and I can be wrong. Sly and the Family Stone, 1969 Here’s to  Sly. Remember in 1968 when the Stone family  burst on the scene with “Dance to the Music”?  I loved that funky sound blasting out of my bedside clock radio. A nice plus for me was the way the song... Read more »

Isn't This Blog Supposed To Be About Building A House?

He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus… …but more than you’ll ever know. The Killers, 2006 Yes, it has been awhile since we have had a lesson in Home Building 101. Weather and other assorted issues have caused a bit of a hiatus in the Big Dig. All of you who warned us that we... Read more »

Denied Immigration Elsewhere, My Father Thrived In America

On the boats and on the planes… …They’re coming to America Neil Diamond, 1980 It is family legend. I never actually heard my father tell the story, but it has been part of my consciousness, and my conscience, as long as I can remember. My father  was born in Berlin in 1919, the son of... Read more »

Sorry Gang-We Might Not Win The Lottery Tonight

And there’s winners, and there’s losers But they ain’t no big deal. John Mellencamp-1983 Hail, Hail, the Labs all in!  Who wouldn’t want to grab a shot at the billion dollar Powerball prize. So for the third time in the last week we have all ponied up our two dollars, and now we all have... Read more »

Why Did My Cat Dump Me?

Kkkkkk, Katmandu… …I think it’s really where I’m going to. Bob Seger, 1975 I became a cat lover at age eight. I remember my aunt and uncle climbing the stairs to our apartment with a paper shopping bag. Peeping out was a scrawny street cat they had captured. They had decided they didn’t want her,... Read more »

What Is The Last Sound You Will Hear?

How do you like your blue eyed boys… …Mr Death. Buffalos Bill’s/Defunct   E. E. Cummings I was listening to the latest Jack Reacher novel this morning when Reacher and his new sidekick encountered an “assisted suicide center.” The Center coupled soft lights, comfortable furniture and piped in music to a fatal dose of Nembutal. No,... Read more »

Turning 60 Along With Some Of My Friends

They say it’s your birthday… …it’s my birthday too yea. The Beatles, 1968 This is it. Today I am 60. And no, I don’t feel ancient or even feel senior. I don’t feel creaky, and I don’t feel like I am on the downside of the slope. Personally and professionally, I still feel on top!... Read more »

OUR New Years Eve Drinking Game

Where you drink champagne… …and it tastes just like Coca-Cola The Kinks-Lola When you get to be a little older, the need for a clear head and fewer calories starts to replace the desire for over-drinking on New Years Eve. And at our age, who wants to be anticipating a morning-after hangover? But drinking games... Read more »