What Looked Like a Step Forward Becomes a Step Back

harry boxI’m fixing a hole…

…were the rain gets in.

The Beatles, 1967

First some clean up from our last blog post. A mea culpa is in order. In this world of instant gratification, I had assumed that since I had ordered my razor blades three weeks ago, they must have arrived already. I assumed that I remembered placing them on the bathroom counter. I was so sure that they had been there, that Barb assumed she had thrown them out by mistake. Well, we all know about what assumed stands for. Yep, that box in the  picture is the package that came from Harry’s Razors, not last week, but yesterday. All my shiny new blades. I just have to remember that not everything I order gets delivered the next day. The world is not all Amazon Prime!

And the house cannot be built on an Amazon Prime schedule either. You long time readers of our construction journey may remember all those blog posts about the Bank That Remains Nameless, all the delays in getting the financing settled. You know, the problems I even wrote a song about?  Well no, that problem hasn’t recurred. But the Texas Village Two Step has reared its head once again. What is driving me wild today? Permits! Email number one from the village “We will issue the site permit today.” Email number two from the village “No we won’t.” Some minor changes in the plan had been requested by the village engineer. Our architect complied, but the submitted PDF indicating the changes isn’t sufficient for issuing the permit, at least not until 5 hard copies of the revised plan are also received. Grrrr. I feel like slapping on a Pancho Villa Movember mustache, commandeering a bulldozer and screaming “PERMITS? WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING PERMITS.”*

Weather may start to become an issue. Architect/Builder Team assure us that we still have plenty of time to dig a hole and pour concrete before any freeze, and once that is done, neither cold, nor wind, nor snow shall keep them from completion of their appointed rounds. I appreciate the confidence, but Barb and I are not sure we are true believers. How about our loyal readers? Leave us a comment, let us know when you think the house will be “substantially complete.” Maybe we can think of a prize for the reader whose prediction is closest tot he actual date. Remember, the Comment Box may lay below the row of ads. Facebook registration is still required to post comments,,,my apologies!

*with apologies to “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, 1948.

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