This Blog is Based on True Events--Really!

clTrue colors are beautiful…
…Like a rainbow

Cyndi Lauper–1986

Been to a movie lately? It seems every time Barb and I go to the show, the film has opened with some variation of the “Based on True Events” tag. I interpret the phrase to mean the screenwriter has taken one  fact, factoid, or grain of truth (Gary Powers was shot down),  hung a lot of window dressing on it and voila, Bridge of Spies. And  we see it on TV as well, with the Netlix show Narcos  “based on true events”  in the battle of the DEA against Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. It’s not that I don’t believe the story, it’s just that I know life doesn’t have the convenient start, middle and end that makes up a good TV season arc. But it is fun during the closing credits when we see photographs of the real Powers or the real Escobar and say “Wow, Wagner Moura looks just like Pablo!”

Anyway, I assure you that everything (well, almost everything) you read here is based on a true event. The event may have occurred entirely in my own mind, but that doesn’t make it any less real, does it? In real life, it is easy to tell when I am telling tales out of whole cloth since I have a terrible poker face. One look at me and you will know if I have 4 aces or  I am bluffing. Or if I am pissed off. I can’t hide my feelings or emotions. Just ask some of my recent tennis partners. On this blog, you will just have to trust that I am telling the truth!

On to house building. The Homeowners Association Representative says “Go for it.” The builder and architect say “Go for it.” So we are going to go for it. With 10 detailed pages of architectural drawings we are submitting our plans to the village for our construction permit. If the village inspectors are quick about it, and the plans pass muster, we may have a hole dug and concrete poured before the ground freezes over. The predicted globally warmed mild winter should help delay the freeze. So we are not quite on schedule, but at least not hideously behind.

Tuesday Barb,  the architect and builder visited the window factory. Sounds fun, right? The brand and style of window are now chosen, but no decision yet on window trim color. As to the stone, stucco and roof, I could say we have finalized a palette, but you would know I was lying, wouldn’t you?

A little housekeeping of a different nature. Subscriptions are easy with the box below, and you do want to subscribe so you can always be the first to know of a new blog.  But some of you are having trouble leaving comments. Two points on that. First, the Comment Box is usually BELOW the row of ads that appear at the end of the blog (Sorry, I have no control over the ads.) Second, some web filters, such as Barracuda, allow the blog to be read, but don’t allow the Comment Box to be seen. This is a problem particularly for people reading at work (thank you for doing that) where you may be behind corporate IT filters. If that happens and you want to leave a comment, try logging in again from home. Or you can always let me know what you think by email at Or leave your thoughts at the brand new “Downsize, Maybe” Facebook page.

And that is the truth…I swear to it.

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