First "Doctors without Borders", Now "Pathologists without Houses"

the wallAll in all it’s just…

…another brick in the wall

Pink Floyd–1979


(The following script for a never recorded television advertisement for “Pathologists without Houses” was discovered in a drainage ditch somewhere in Chicagoland.)

lot overhead cropNarrator speaking in hushed tones with an upper class British accent:

This is a lot in suburban Chicago. Its measurements and exact location are unimportant. What we observe is that it is empty, save for the grass and wildflowers that grow naturally in this semi-temperate climate. Adjacent to it are homes, roads, a large pond. But whilst the surrounds are teeming with life, this lot lays unimproved, uninhabited, and defenseless as another winter creeps its way into the suburban milieu. Excavation and concrete may be in the future, but for today they are held in abeyance, hostage to permits and licenses and laborers with the skill and desire to exercise their trade in the the hinterlands surrounding the great metropolis.

Narrator continues:

These are the homesteaders, a pathologist, a therapist, who seek to tame this square of Midwest savannah. Their weapons are many, but cause no harm. Stone and Sub-Zero, muntins and Maytag, windows and Wolf. Choices must be made, the totality of the task assessed and each decision correctly fitted into the jigsaw puzzle that will produce order from chaos, a home on this virgin land that was once graced by golf balls and pitching wedges. For this will be their territory, the center point of their life and the spot their brood can return to. To live in harmony with the surrounding tribes, and to defend against the wild animals that roam.

Further Narration:

max and kittenNot all the beasts are wild though. For the couple has domestic creatures in their household. A canine beast of burden that delivers the news of the day through blinding blizzards and swirling Sirocco. A feline that dedicates her life to preserving the wealth of the clan by spreading her fur across all pieces of furniture large and small, marking them with the family crest. Loyal to the core, these quadrupeds have earned their spot in the home.

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No architects were harmed in the making of this advertisement. “Pathologists without Houses” is an imaginary 403B non-profit organization.
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