Even the Water Guy Is Leaving

Stock Photo–not our water guy! As the months wind down I see portents of my retirement in just about everything I do, just about everywhere I look. That giant box of 100 individually wrapped English Breakfast Tea Bags I placed in the break room cabinet last week? That’s the last box I will ever place... Read more »

Cooper Says "Sock It To Me."

Cooper hiding in shame? Barb and I were entertaining two of our granddaughters over the past week while their parents enjoyed a much-deserved 10th-anniversary trip. Is it any surprise I wound up sitting outside an emergency room at 11:30 Friday night? No, nothing happened to our precious granddaughter cargo. And fortunately, neither Barb nor I... Read more »

Was it COVID Brain Fog or Writers Block?

It’s time to let the creative juices flow once more! It's been a while since I have done it. Put words to the page and then I've spun it. Sending to readers a timely missive. Hoping my followers aren't too dismissive. I'm not sure of precise causation That caused two weeks of blog cessation. What... Read more »

Security Vs Privacy--Which Matters to You?

I was listening to an online Homeowners Association Board meeting the other night (Barb does an exemplary job as Board President) as a resident gave a presentation about an item not on the agenda. Jack had done some research and wanted the Board to know about a crime reduction security product that could be available... Read more »

The Fight Against Cancer Never Rests. Northwestern's Rebecca Blank and WXRT's Lin Brehmer Have Revealed Their Battles.

Rebecca Blank and Lin Brehmer (Photos courtesy of Chicago Tribune) Two days this week, two announcements that saddened me, one of which really shook me. A 1975 Northwestern graduate, I wear the purple proudly. A family trip to Ryan Field for a football game is an annual event. So I was disheartened to read the... Read more »

Highland Park Reminds Us That Guns Kill People and Destroy Our Liberty

I did not want to be the first person to write about the outrage in Highland Park or even one of the first ten or the first hundred. I was not there on that horrible July 4th morning. Nor was anyone from my family, nor any neighbors. And I don’t know any of the deceased... Read more »

Pudding It On the Line. Who Remembers This?

A Long Gone Treat I caught Dan Bernstein and Laurence Holmes, two WSCR radio hosts, talking about pudding the other day. “You take the banana pudding from Jewel, plop some Nilla Wafers on top, and it tastes like an upside-down banana cream pie. It is the best.” Well, guys, I may value your opinion on... Read more »

I Won't Let Them Get Me Down! Observations on a bright spring day.

A little verse for when things look worse. I’ve written much the last few daysOf courts and cults and horrors.I’ve slung the mud,Not toed the line,I chose to take no quarters. “You’re far too mean,” was said to meBy Barb, my sharpest critic.“The things you sayAre very harsh.Your tongue is too acidic.” And so it’s... Read more »

A Look At The Week That Was. Donald Trump Emails Donny Jr.

Donald Trump in Illinois–photo courtesy Chicago Tribune Les is More readers: I found this email in my inbox this morning. I don’t know who leaked it to me, but thanks. Hey Donny, What a week, hey? It’s the hugest since the Dems and Libtards and the LGBTQholes “stole” the election. Just think, it is almost... Read more »

Supreme Court Reinstates Slavery; Follows Up Roe V Wade by Declaring 13th Amendment Null and Void

Photo Courtesy Chicago Tribune (Washington, DC, Special to More about Les) In a surprise but unsurprising move, the Supreme Court today invalidated the 13th Amendment, returning to each state the right to declare slavery legal within its own borders. The Court also declared the Fugitive Slave Act, an 1850 law requiring all states to return... Read more »