The Bears Season Is Over But Cody Parkey Continues To Miss

dwo1_rrx4aavn-c-jpg-largeGet off our TV screens Cody Parkey.  What in the world was this guy doing on the Today show this morning? Get your face with your fake half sad half happy grin out of our lives. The Bears could be traveling to LA to play the Rams but instead we are watching Cody Parkey on the Today show reminding us that he made 3 kicks in the game and that he loves God and prayed after the game. needed to hear from this guy.  Just go back to Florida Cody Parkey and wait to hear your fate after your terrible play cost this team. Parkey talked about how much his team supported him.  How is Parkey supporting the team by bring attention to himself? He was clearly trying to garner sympathy to either help his chances of keeping his job or if getting another one.  Just when are starting to get over this here is Parkey talking about how he lives for this moment and how the ball felt good off his foot. Go away Parkey.  Just go away.  The vast majority of the Bears fan base don’t want this guy back on the team.  But because of the phantom block there are some who amazingly think this wasn’t Parkey’s fault. Most fans realize that this was terrible move by Parkey and another big miss for a guy who just can’t seem to do anything but miss. Greg Braggs who is one of the most die-hard and optimistic Bears fan there is posted this telling thread about meeting Parkey at training camp.  If Greg Braggs can’t find the good in you then you are really doing something wrong.  Parkey comes off as aloof and smug just like he did all year.  As a kicker you can’t be too up and down but Parkey really appears to not care whenever he has spoken of his failures this year.

Here are some other highlights from Twitter of the reactions to the Today show appearance.

This this kicker just keeps right on doinking.

The loss just keeps on hurting.

I really hope the Bears make the right choice and #SendParkeyPacking dwozs0ux4aeskr-jpg-large-2

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