The Bears Season Is Over But Cody Parkey Continues To Miss

Get off our TV screens Cody Parkey.  What in the world was this guy doing on the Today show this morning? Get your face with your fake half sad half happy grin out of our lives. The Bears could be traveling to LA to play the Rams but instead we are watching Cody Parkey on... Read more »

The Doink Heard Round The World

I wanted to write this on Monday but I am glad I didn’t.  It would have been too emotionally charged.  The Bears magical season came to a crashing halt on Sunday in Soldier field.  The season didn’t go out with a bang it didn’t go out with a whimper it went out with….a doink and... Read more »

Winning Is Fun

“I love winning. I think it’s fun to win. When you win, whoever it is– who cares? let’s just play ball. That’s what we’re going to do.” – Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy The Bears didn’t have to beat the Vikings but they did it anyway.  This is what the 2018 Chicago Bears do,... Read more »

"Hope Springs Eternal again" the 2018 Chicago Bears

"Hope Springs Eternal again" the 2018 Chicago Bears
“Hope Springs Eternal” The Chicago Bears are the one of the charter franchises of the NFL.  With a rich and storied history, the Chicago Bears Franchise 99th season has truly been one for the ages. This time last year Bears fans and my compatriots at the Bears Barroom were spending our time campaigning lustily for... Read more »