5 Reasons Why Snail Mail Rocks

5 Reasons Why Snail Mail Rocks

Email is so old school. Everybody instagrams facebook posts, texts, skypes, snapchats. But give me a second, here. I’ll give you 5 reasons why snail mail rocks. It can’t hold a candle to a cold-hearted text or a boring typed email.

Chris, my foster son is in Georgia, with 5 weeks left of US Army basic training. A letter is the only form of communication he can give and receive other than a monthly 10-minute phone call. So he asked us to write him letters.

I get the mail that arrives in my home mailbox at 5:00 pm weekdays. I’m hopeful that there is something good, but often feel disappointed with bills, junk mail, and college materials addressed to my senior son. Worst yet, is opening the box and finding NOTHING inside.

The rumbling sound of the mail truck caught my attention one recent afternoon. I hurried out the door to open the mailbox. Inside was a whole stack of stuff! Sorting through advertisements I spotted a small white envelope with black handwriting–familiar handwriting–the first letter from Chris! My heart skipped a beat.

Also in the pile was a small white envelope from the US Treasury Department. It’s clear oval window revealed a yellow check. No! Was this really the Department of Veteran Affairs Aid and Attendance benefit for my WWII veteran dad? That we had waited 18 months for? My heart skipped a beat a second time.

There I was, standing speechless over two pieces of snail mail delivered on the same day. How does that happen?

I became head over heels in love with snail mail. I floated through the door to show my family. We fought over opening Chris’s envelope. Inside we found not 1 letter, but 3! We were very excited to show my dad his check. We sure had a lot of great things to discuss over dinner. Can an email or text cause that much joy?


Here are 5 Reasons Why SNAIL MAIL Rocks:

  1. A letter is a tangible piece of paper that reflects a person’s heart–especially if handwritten.
  2. A letter is developed with more thought and consideration. (If you don’t believe me, try writing on a blank page of stationery or notebook paper.)
  3. A letter is ridiculously fun to find in a real post-in-the-ground mailbox.
  4. Any check in the mailbox brings irrepressible joy to the recipient.
  5. A letter brings joy to people of all ages, breaking generational barriers.
  6. A letter (or check) is held with the hands; ironically making today’s email or text “out-of-touch.”


So don’t think snail mail is out-of-date, get started sending it now! And if you have the good fortune of receiving some, don’t forget the good news is always worth sharing!

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