Top 5 Ways to Turn 50

Top 5 Ways to Turn 50

Vacation is over, and Costa Rica was beautiful. But it’s time for a reality check. How about a new month, new season, and a new decade? The half century one if you know what I mean. The big 5.0.

There are many ways to turn this chronological age, which is only a baby boomer number, right? I could lie about it, and am tempted to do so. I could kick and scream, or pay beaucoup bucks for Botox. I could learn to parachute, or cruise to Australia.

Instead, the following are my top 5 ways to turn this remarkable age, and enter my future.

Top 5 Ways to Turn 50 (Boomer Style, of Course!)

1) Bolder

Time to be more like an extrovert and laugh more. Time to stand firm in what I believe and not be afraid of the response. Time to wear bright colors and not hide behind black. Time to make my own green smoothies, buy quinoa, and try a new West African restaurant. Time to take myself less seriously.

2) Kinder

Time to be more compassionate and understanding. I matured along with my boys. Lessons in sensitivity, grace, acts of service and humor have taken me far into surviving their adolescence. Caregiving for my elderly parents has taken my mercy gift to another level. I realized I can be kind to myself.


3) Happier

Time to be happier and more calm. My helicopter parenting style vaporized. Gone is the fear of my boys transitioning from public grade school to junior high to high school. My dad often quotes Franklin D. Roosevelt, “the only thing to fear is fear itself.” Watching my sons develop daily into men of integrity, gentleness, goodness and accomplishment is a joy. There are many moments of joy, especially if I look for them.


4) Stronger

Time to be adventurous with my boys: biking, hiking and skiing. Gone is the terrible stage of driver’s permits and licenses and the trauma of the first accident. Veni. Vidi. Vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. My boys are alive and well. So am I. My marriage to my sweetheart, Jim, will be 24 years strong.


5) Wiser

Time to be more discerning. Time to communicate effectively with my husband, teens, and parents and live like there is no tomorrow. After 49 years I am better at seeing beauty all around me–outside of course, but mostly in the faces and hearts of people. I am also better at maintaining a good attitude. Mother Theresa once said to “enjoy the moment–it is all we have.” Pura Vida. That is what Costa Ricans say when asked how they are. And what I can say in the midst of this transitional year. Pure Life. Life is great!

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