Graduation Blues? Don't Think So.

Graduation Blues? Don't Think So.

I know why May is the “merry” month. There’s a groundswell of sweet endings, (cake, hugs, good-byes) and new beginnings. The giddy last days of high school and grad party plans are in full force. Two of my senior sons will graduate–so naturally–there is pause for reflection and cause for concern. Which brings me to another thing on my to-do list…

An attitude adjustment. Not just for each 18-year-old millenial. But for ME.

I could easily cry and whine, “where has the time gone, I remember when…” But, I really don’t feel like singing the graduation blues. I can’t sing anyway–but if I could, I think emoting the blues would be awesome. I don’t feel sad (at least not yet.) I feel glad. I am about to launch some rockets almost out of the house. Hopefully, Jim and I have built them to withstand the heat. Our strategic engineering has not been without tools of quality and quantity time, sacrifice, intentionality, diligence, advice and prayer. Their many moods have been, and sometimes continue to be, a challenge.

New research says that millenials are narcissistic and entitled–maybe because of Boomer mom and dads.

Excuse me, but as boomers, Jim and I have certainly fought against both those icky inclinations all throughout the junior high and high school years. We battled those and their cousin, materialism, somewhat successfully. All 3 sons do work hard (although there’s always room for improvement) All 3 have character and achievement as proof. They will pay for cell phones and car insurance. They will contribute to their college education. They have good grades and applied for scholarships (Austin, congrats on earning 3) They have summer jobs. When they can handle more responsibility, they can obtain more freedom.


On May 30th, we’ll gape as Chris and Austin and 500 other seniors reach for their diploma. I’m sure that many moms, including me will fight tears, and probably some dads, too. Jim and I will be proud. And joyful that their elderly grandparents are alive to celebrate. Perhaps I’ll have tears of joy just for this reason alone.

I created 2 lists to positively spin this epic event. One to Let Go, and one to Still Give.

5 Little Gifts of Letting Go 

  1. More time to write and reflect on parenting and life.
  2. More time to date my husband.
  3. More time to cook like a gourmet (a passion before kids.)
  4. More time to improve my appearance (i.e. work out and hair style.)
  5. More time to do what I WANT.

5 Big Gifts Still Need to Give 

  1. ove (well done)
  2. mpathy (seasoned with good listening)
  3. ccountability (family style)
  4. olition (with a large side of patience)
  5. nthusiasm (tall, medium, or vente)

This may be crazy, but I am going to congratulate myself (and my sons, and husband). Yeah, that’s right, me–the prankster, hip, “overprotective,” chore/homework-nagger, cheerleader, taxi-driver, senior shuffler, Boomer mom. I survived the junior high and high school years, and helped my sons survive and thrive, as well.

That said… I’d like to give 3 cheers and no jeers to parents of seniors everywhere. You’ve nurtured. You’ve cajoled. You’ve endured. My hat’s off to you! Could it be a good time to congratulate yourself?

And to parents anywhere along the road to graduation…get ready, get building, go!



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