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Barriers Against Repeated Cruelty: BARC

As part of our online campaign to raise funds for our upcoming stage show, Life’s Ruff, we offered some unique rewards for people who contributed a certain amount. One of the rewards was a dedication of one of our videos to an organization or person of your choice. We just finished our “thank you” video,... Read more »

A New Type of Shelter?

This video came in this morning from a friend of mine, Thomas Cole.  Take a look and I’d love to hear what you think. Does the country need more of these?

Teaching a Dog to Tell the Difference Between Toys on Cue

One of the trainers in our show is wanting to teach his dog how to tell the difference between his toys and to be able to indicate which one is which on cue.  I started typing my response and then I remembered a post from a fellow blogger, Mary Hunter, a few months ago that... Read more »

Kickstarter, Life's Ruff 2011 and the End of the Beginning

It’s early Sunday Morning and the first thing I did today, like I have been doing for the last 43 days, was check to see if we got any pledges for our online fundraiser.  My wife makes fun of me because I have become a chronic checker of the campaign.  I laugh when she’s tells... Read more »

Dog Training Advice: Clean it Up...This is a Family Show!

Now this video is just awesome. Good old time training only possible through good technique and good stimulus control. Read on after you watch! People just love to show off what their dogs can do.  Friends come over and at some point there is a demonstration as to what the host dog can do.  I... Read more »

Dog Training Advice: Don't bring a Knife to a Gunfight

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time was in the 80’s classic “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  Check out the clip and we’ll talk about how this can be some good training advice! So what’s the training advice?  Well…don’t bring a knife to a gunfight of course.  Let me explain. Food is a great... Read more »


Sometimes the best enrichment is what nature has to offer. Check out the fun these guys are having! If you’re in Chicago..I hope you dug yourself out. Remember to make sure you don’t stay out too long. Keep it novel and positive Another great example of natural enrichment. Whale Style. Enjoy!

Q&A: Clicker Training with Gregory House

So “House” is my favorite show on television.  I never miss an episode. I was looking forward to last Monday’s show, partly because I love the show, but mostly because there was a practical demonstration of clicker training.  Watch the clip and enjoy the fact that House is training a kid much in the same... Read more »

Life's Ruff 2011: Dog Training for a Cause

A year or so ago we put on a stage show featuring regular owners and their dogs called “Life’s Ruff” .  The purpose of the show was to demonstrate that anyone, regardless of experience, can succeed with training their dogs using positive techniques as long as they were committed to the process.  We also wanted to help raise... Read more »

ESPN Should do More for Dogs

Nils Lofgren wrote a very detailed and passionate letter  to the sports reporting community at large. The topic of discussion was Michael Vick.  If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here Nils Lofgren .  He brought up many good points and I believe he summarized how a large part of the country feels about Vick,... Read more »