About Gatsby the dog and Kyle the human

Gatsby - providing the canine perspective (primary contributor)

Kyle found me at Anti-Cruelty Society when I was about five months old, and he was kind enough to let me move in with him and our cat, Dr. Seuss, and today I have a very rewarding and happy life.  I'm extremely excited to share my perspective about the dog-friendly side of Chicago with you, but don't worry, I'll also let Kyle share his perspective from time to time.

When I'm not out exploring the dog-friendly side of Chicago for new blog material, you'll most likely find me taking a nap on the sofa, frolicking in Lincoln Park with Kyle, or shredding a tennis ball for no reason at all.  But my life is not all play.  I work hard as Kyle's assistant by acting as a role model for all the young pups Kyle helps grow into superstars like me.  It can be tiring at times repeating "stay" and "come" over and over when one of the kids just can't figure it out, but being co-owner of Get Pet also provides me with a huge circle of friends that keep my social calendar quite full .

Kyle - providing the human perspective (supporting contributor)

As the owner of Get Pet, I interact with more than 50 four-legged clients each week while training and developing a staff of walkers to ensure that each walk is more like a mini training session than just a potty break.  I began my formal animal career as a professional horse trainer and veterinary technician and learned after moving to Chicago that my true talent is helping dogs learn to cope in an urban environment.  Gatsby, the great Weimaraner, is a daily testament to how exercise and training can make it possible for even a highly energetic hunting breed to be happy and remain well-behaved living in the city.

Since my dog walking clients frequently ask me for recommendations about dog-friendly businesses in their neighborhoods, I decided to develop a website to make it even easier for them to access that information.  AllRoverTown.com is getting ready to launch, and Gatsby and I have so much fun exploring Chicago to find new dog-friendly places.  We decided it's more fun to share those places with others, so I agreed to let Gatsby blog about his experiences here on ChicagoNow.com.  Please help support the dog-friendly businesses Gatsby and I discover, and don't hesitate to let us know about some of your favorite places!

In addition to Get Pet and AllRoverTown.com, I also love volunteering at PAWS Chicago and will be running the Chicago Marathon again in 2012 as a member of Team PAWS.  If you'd like to help support the team, please visit my donation page.