Make Sure NATO Does Not Ruin Your Dog Walks - Keep Your Dog Safe

A Note from Kyle the Human:

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, NATO is in town this weekend and the city will be experiencing lots of additional security.  Especially if you live somewhere between McCormick Place and North Avenue Beach, you should take extra caution when taking your dog for walks this weekend.  You may be asked to present identification at any time, and you may even have restricted access to your building at some times.  To insure your dog doesn’t miss any of his walks and to avoid being stuck outside, please keep these simple guidelines in mind:

– Check with your doorman TODAY to ask about any special procedures required for your entry and exit of the building over the weekend.

– Visit the Chicago NATO Road Closures & Traffic Alerts Page to see the plan for traffic changes because they could also affect your planned walking route.

– Sign up for Notify Chicago to receive text and/or email alerts about various emergency and non-emergency situations

– Carry a VALID I.D. with you AT ALL TIMES. If you are stopped to show your identification, please do not become annoyed or offended because it is ultimately for your safety and security.

– If you use a dog walking service, be sure to confirm that they are listed on the Permission to Enter list with the door staff and remind them to also carry their identification with them at all times.

– Carry a water bottle and washcloth with you on walks.  If you are asked to remain outside your building in the heat, you will have something to sip and can wet the cloth to help keep your pup cool.  (this is also something that isn’t a bad idea to do on a regular basis in the summer)

– If your dog (or you) are on any critical medications, carry them with you on your walk, and a small bag of kibble.  If you are not allowed to enter your building, you will at least be able to make sure you don’t miss your medicine or a feeding.

– Limit your dog’s interaction with strangers this weekend and don’t let them take any treats from someone you don’t know.  This may seem paranoid, but your dog deserves the same level of security detail as you.

– Most importantly: PLAN AHEAD.  Know which walking route you plan to take and ask your door staff or the guard posted at your building if they have been alerted to any known challenges or security issues on those streets.

Although the city is fully prepared and there should be no reason for alarm, it is always best to be prepared especially when you have a four-legged friend to help keep safe and healthy.


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