Dog-Friendly Shopping for Runners at Fleet Feet

Gatsby sitting outside Fleet Feet in Old Town Since Kyle will be running the Chicago Marathon again this year for Team PAWS Chicago, I insisted on taking him to visit Fleet Feet in Old Town so he could get some new running shoes.  He seems to think that wearing the same pair two years in a row will be okay, but I knew that once he saw the huge wall of shoes and talked to the running experts at the store, he’d quickly realize the importance of getting a new pair for this season.

What I love the most about Fleet Feet is that there is always a large watering station outside the store or directly inside the doors.  Plus, the staff loves to give me a tasty treat every time I visit.  Score!  The entrance is very open so I have plenty of room to maneuver even if one of my canine pals is on his way out as I’m entering, and the layout of the store overall gives me a fair amount of room so I avoid bumping into too many displays.

Gatsby sitting by water bowl at Fleet FeetThankfully I’m a very patient pooch because the only downside to visiting Fleet Feet with your human is that you should be prepared to wait quietly as they try to choose from the huge selection of shoes, running apparel and other goodies.  The staff did a great job of helping Kyle narrow down his choices, and they even put him on the treadmill to help him analyze his stride to determine the best pair of shoes.  That being said, if Kyle had tried on too many more pairs of shoes or taken any longer to decide I think I may have reverted to my days as a puppy and started treating the wall of shoes as a yummy buffet for tasting.

So, my top three tips for visiting Fleet Feet:

  • Be sure to wet your whistle on the way inside at the water bowl; it’s getting hot out again already.
  • Politely ask the staff at the register if you can have a treat.
  • Be prepared to sit patiently while your human tries on shoes or bring along a second human to keep you occupied while the shoe testing is underway.


Roomy store entrance at Fleet Feet in Old Town

Overall, I highly recommend getting your human to let you check out Fleet Feet.  Remember, if they have a good pair of running shoes, it can mean more exercise and longer walks/runs for you this summer.

Fleet Feet does have a second location in Lincoln Square, and although both of them are dog-friendly, I’ve only ever been to the Old Town location.  Please let me know if you’ve ever visited the location in Lincoln Square and share your comments.

And P.S. please don’t forget to be on your best behavior, and if you forget the rules of etiquette, check out my post “Dog-Friendly Dogs Play by the Rules” for a refresher.

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