Bark the Vote Dog Election Results

Gatsby makes a great Uncle Sam doesn't he?
Since Gatsby was taking forever to tabulate the results from Bark the Vote, I decided to step in and work my spreadsheet magic for him. Thanks to everyone who participated! Interestingly enough, the canine results were in line with the actual results. Chicago dogs voted for “Bark” Obama 55% to “Mutt” Romney’s 43% based on... Read more »

Parties, Election and Costumes

Where did summer go? I feel like Kyle had me running all over the city, trips to Starved Rock, trips to Galena, and so much more but he never gave me a chance to sit down at the computer to write about it all! Guess that just means I’ll be doing a lot of paw-ing... Read more »

Hamlin Park is the Best Dog Park in Chicago

Hamlin Park is the Best Dog Park in Chicago
So much has happened since I last contributed to my blog, and I’m so sorry for being absent for so long. Kyle moved us to a new house in Roscoe Village, and when he first told me the news I was very upset. I couldn’t believe he was taking me away from all the dog-friendly... Read more »

Make Sure NATO Does Not Ruin Your Dog Walks - Keep Your Dog Safe

A Note from Kyle the Human: In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, NATO is in town this weekend and the city will be experiencing lots of additional security.  Especially if you live somewhere between McCormick Place and North Avenue Beach, you should take extra caution when taking your dog for... Read more »

Green City Farmers' Market and Lincoln Park Zoo Nature Boardwalk

With coffee in hand from CityGrounds Coffee Bar, Kyle agreed to come along to Green City Farmers’ Market. I’m so excited that it’s back in session because there are so many great smells, lots of my canine pals, and the farmers all seem to love having four-legged visitors. Kyle constantly raves about the smoothies from... Read more »

CityGrounds Coffee Bar in Lincoln Park

No morning is complete without a gourmet cup of coffee from CityGrounds Coffee Bar on W Dickens in Lincoln Park. Although I can’t go inside, Kyle and I love to sit at the outdoor café tables and watch all the dogs going to and from Oz Park. Plus, there’s always a fancy water bowl with... Read more »

Every Dog Needs Animal Medical Center of Chicago

A hydraulic scale! Yipee! No being hoisted up by 3 people or feeling like I might bump my head under the table.
When my former dog walker, Julie at Park Place Bark, introduced Kyle to Animal Medical Center I assumed she was just making up stories because I could never imagine a vet as warm and inviting as the one she described.  But alas, as is always the case with Julie, she was not exaggerating one bit,... Read more »

Dog Friendly Milwaukee Admirals Hockey Game

I'm not sure why I'm squinting in the shade...oh well.
So I am very aware that the title of my blog is “Dog Friendly CHICAGO” but since the Wolves and the Hawks have yet to schedule a dog-friendly game day, I had to convince Kyle to take a road trip to Milwaukee on March 25th for the Admirals’ annual dog day sponsored by Pedigree. This... Read more »

AllRoverTown Dog-Friendly Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday, April 7th I had the pleasure of joining more than 35 of my fellow canine friends for a dog-friendly scavenger hunt around the River North and Gold Coast neighborhoods.  We visited places like Best Buy,  Paper Source, lululemon, For Dog’s Sake, and about 25 more dog-friendly businesses.  At each business our human companions... Read more »

Dog-Friendly Shopping for Runners at Fleet Feet

 Since Kyle will be running the Chicago Marathon again this year for Team PAWS Chicago, I insisted on taking him to visit Fleet Feet in Old Town so he could get some new running shoes.  He seems to think that wearing the same pair two years in a row will be okay, but I knew... Read more »