Wow, some days are easier than others. The good thing about today, well 2 things: one is the online/ZOOM discussion group this evening, which I love. I don’t know how many of us there are, 10 or so I guess. But seeing each other’s faces on the computer screen is good. I talk daily on the phone with friends and family. Email. All of this helps. I am really lucky that I can go out to work on the weekends. It is weird, because I know I am at risk, just being out, but I have no idea how much, if people walking by me, asking questions, are well or not. I guess we really do not know anyway, everyday, what is coming. We think today will be like yesterday, but for sure it will not be. Similar, probably, but not the same. We imagine we will live a really long time, whatever that is, unless we know we have a severe illness. I keep getting these alerts from the State of Illinois. There is a loud buzzing and the alert comes up that the State needs licensed healthcare workers. As I said before, I am still licensed but have not practiced since 5 years. This sounds kind of crazy, but I would rather do something than nothing. My son drives the bus and all that has been done to protect the drivers is that the passengers board from the rear. But… they have to walk up to the front to pay, so people congregate at the front anyway. Maybe they will some day get masks. Maybe lots of us will someday get masks. Anything is possible, right? He understands that sometimes one just has to do what one has to do.

OK, I had to interrupt this incredibly interesting blog-thing. A friend and her son brought a birthday cake! And flowers! I went outside, took them, then retreated to about 6-8 feet distance, so, no touching or breathing. Anyway, that made me feel better. So, I succeeded in making it this far, and as I hoped yesterday, I did not die in my sleep. That is supposed to be a joke, so don’t go, all sad or depressed or something. That was the second good thing. I am alive and kickin’. People, a lot of people are kind to others. And many people are out there working for us. Another positive thing, right? Maybe, I think, we are becoming more aware of each other, we might become more appreciative. Not to get overtly political, but we, as a society need, like we really really need to take care of each other. The people with the most money and resources are doing the best, although they are also susceptible to the COVID-19. But the poorest are most exposed to the dangers and uncertainty, the unemployment and lack of health insurance. Those with the most, who depend on the working poor to help them be successful, take most of the profits and can really shelter in place the best of us all. I am afraid, if this pandemic ever passes, that things will return to what was. More than just political, we need a spiritual renewal, not limited to any religion; a total spiritual renewal of how we see our lives together as the human race, totally connected with each other and a part of the Universe. Probably too much to expect. But I will continue to hope for the best and pray and meditate for us all. Won’t you join me?

Join me in trying to believe in our capacity to make this a better world, for all of us, and to

Be safe, stay well, believe in the higher powers, the Divine in us. We can do this together.

David, April 1, 2020

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