This is my second stab at writing today. Last night, or early this morning, about 2:30 AM I awoke, as I often do, and sat down and started typing. Later I realized it was kind of a political rant, which was not what I wanted. So, trying again.

This is just sort of a diary, albeit a boring one, but how do we get through the days when our routines are messed up? I was tired because of my disrupted sleep, and because I worked yesterday. Difficult to get on track. Part of that is, as I have said, my attention deficit, my focus problem. Bothered me since I was a kid. My parents couldn’t understand why I was so weird AND couldn’t remember stuff. Long lists, like, 1) go in your room, 2) put your toys away, 3)?? I still can’t remember what 3 was. My son is not like that, and my late wife had trouble focusing as well, so he must have picked up a recessive gene from somewhere in the family. He is like, REALLY neat and orderly. He is amazing.

So I managed to walk my dog 3 times, did the laundry, called friends, did my meditation, now I am typing. OH! I did my census! A friend reminded me; anyway, online it only took 6 minutes. Literally, 6 minutes. So, please, everyone do it if you have not yet.

Also, heard from someone that at least in some parks in a suburb, maybe Naperville, maybe somewhere else, the park benches have been removed. Also advised to use a plastic bag, I believe to open the park gates. Well, that makes sense. The benches, I am assuming a committee was cogitating on how to help enforce self-isolation and social distancing. So somebody says,”I know, we remove the park benches then people will not be able to sit together! They will have to stand together!” OK, maybe not; I actually have no idea. But it is possibly true. It does remind me of after 9/11. Airport Security all over, of course, very tight. Remove watches, keys, pocket change, shoes, everything to ensure an easier passage and that one was not dangerous. In the early days National Guardsmen stood behind the TSA checkpoint with M-16’s. Was very scary. But then a news crew, driving around checking on security at O’Hare I guess, found that a big gate in one area of the perimeter fence, for entry of all manner of delivery trucks for the Airport and for food for the aircraft, this gate had NO SECURITY! Trucks could just drive through. SO, crazy times. People react I guess. Lots of fear. Let us not panic.

Some good things besides bushes turning green and many people posting photos of flowers and growing things, there are more and more folks finding ways of staying connected. A church I sometimes attend is starting a group of people to ensure we call each other. Especially folks, I believe, who are not very mobile and likely really feel shut in. It is pretty easy for me to get out. Also, a FB group, of people staying in touch in positive ways. So, as someone once said:

Be safe, stay well, believe in the higher [powers. We can do this.

David, March 30, 2020


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