I intend to keep this up. I am tired today, but not sick.

12 is a good number; a dozen, a number divisible by itself, 6,4,3,2 and 1.

I realize my attitude is changing. A week or two ago when I saw the isolated customer with a mask, I thought they were maybe overdoing it. I was of course wrong. Even though the average surgical style mask is of limited value, it might help, and there are many people with some respiratory illness or immune compromise, on chemotherapy for malignancy; likely millions in the US, not to speak of the really elderly. So, now, when I see someone wearing a mask, more than just a week ago, I am jealous. Maybe we should all wear them but they are not available for most of us. There was a note on the breakroom door from the headquarters, that they are negotiating with the government to get masks for us, the employees. My thought was, “good luck with that.”

Excuse me, I was just giving my dog a little treat. If one lives alone with an animal, dog, cat, bird, boa constrictor, whatever, there is a tendency to give some of what one is eating to the pet. Well I do anyway, might be just me. My dog is spoiled. Imagine if you have a boa constrictor, it’s name is Bobo. You just bought a rotisserie chicken at the store and are having a few slices of it for dinner. Bobo slides over onto the table, sticking his tongue out at you the way they do. So, you look at Bobo, Bobo looks at you, and you decide to let him have the rest of the whole chicken.

Well, work was slower again and folks seem to be getting the hang of keeping their space before the cash register, giving each other room as they walk by each other, saying excuse me and thanks for your help and “be safe; stay healthy”. In my situation at least there is a lot of this kindness and acts of caring between people. Does make me feel like there are good things about all this big situation, with no knowledge of how it all will turn out. But we never know how it will all turn out. Like, Life in general. Uh,oh, I am getting religious spiritual again. Sorry. But in the long run; the long, long run, what we do about our souls and where we go on our journey and how we treat others, is truly the bottom line. Right? No? I do not want to start sounding like a televangelist. No offense to them. They are also trying to do what they believe in. I am just being myself, David.

Well, I have an idea for a short, small story, related to pandemics, thought about it while wandering aimlessly around the store. Also, I HAVE TO DO MY CENSUS! I promise myself I will do it tomorrow night after work. No more procrastinating. It is important and I do not want them coming after me.

So, be safe, stay well, believe in the higher powers. We can do this.

David, March 28, 2020


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