The Smollett saga - A travesty of justice

How can someone be indicted on 16 felony counts, and then out of the clear blue sky get let off the hook without an explanation from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office?  No trial, no admission of guilt, nothing on his record moving forward, and just a slap on the wrist? To add insult to injury they then seal the court documents? This decision and the lack of transparency here is mind-boggling.

This recent turn of events is a travesty of justice, and everybody knows it.  There are many people rotting away in jail for relatively minor offenses, and this guy walks like this?  Worse yet, now we have to see his disgusting smirk on television, as he proclaims that he has been “…consistent and truthful…” all along?  This is a slap in the face to the CPD who devoted perhaps hundreds of man hours to this case.  The Mayor and Police Chief had it right when they were asked their opinion of the shocking news yesterday.  The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

When the Cook Count State’s Attorney had to recuse herself from the case due to having contact with members of Smollett’s family and camp, that was an extraordinarily serious breach of her duties that should be investigated.  This decision cannot stand as is.  It is a total outrage, and leaves the city of Chicago with yet another very public stain to its reputation.

If this case had gone to trial, and a jury found him not-guilty after hearing all the evidence, that’s one thing.  But, for it to go down like this, is indefensible.

I just hope the federal case against him moves forward regarding the purportedly fake letter he wrote threatening himself.  Let’s see his sleazy high-priced lawyers weasel out of that.

Only in Chicago….

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