A view of race relations in the U.S.

The recent heartbreaking events in Baton Rogue, Minneapolis, and Dallas are vivid and painful examples of just how fractured our society is from the epidemic of violence that is dominating media headlines on a seemingly regular basis.  Over and over again we have seen the depressing and horrific images of people of color being brutalized or killed by law enforcement officers, in many cases for no apparent reason.

Then we have the murders of the Policemen in Dallas by an obviously unhinged and angry African-American man, whose sole purpose was apparently to kill as many Caucasian policemen as possible.  Who among us can be left without a deep sense of fear and apprehension over what is happening in our country right now?  I am left with many questions regarding the tragic losses of life in the aforementioned cities, and wonder when it will all end.  This isn’t a political issue, and this isn’t about taking sides.  There is only one right and only one wrong here.  To kill another human being is wrong, and who in their right mind would dispute that?

For those of us with a spiritual side, who profess faith in God, a feeling of helplessness is an emotion I for one am feeling now, and is something that I imagine many people are feeling too.  How can goodhearted, decent people do something to cure what ails us as a society?

Black folks have been getting terrible treatment from the Police for a long time, and the troubling thing is many otherwise good and kind white people seem to be in denial about it.  What a shame that it is only because cell phone videos are capturing more and more of the violent behavior which these rogue Policemen are guilty of,  that we are seeing what has been happening for too long to minorities.  These killings are poisoning relations between people of color and law enforcement so much that I wonder if the scars can ever be healed now.

The chasm between the victims of police brutality and those of us who have never been singled out, or dealt with unfairly by law enforcement officers because of our race is growing greater with each passing event, such as those that have happened in the last few weeks.  And try as we might, most white folks cannot truly understand (for instance,) what it is like to be pulled over in a car just because we are black, and to have the palpable fear of what might happen next.  Indeed, where one false move could get you shot and killed.

I don’t know what the solutions are, but what I do know is that those guilty of murder must be punished with the full weight of the law.  That goes for bad cops who kill innocent people, just the same as it applies to cop killers.

My Wife and I just watched the new “Roots” series the History Channel aired within the last month or so.  It is sickening to me that so many African-Americans whose ancestors came to this country against their will, are still viewed as inferior by some, and who are treated without the same respect and human dignity most white people enjoy by default.

Have we really grown all that much as a country since the days of slavery?  I don’t understand why we haven’t come farther as a country, yet a man of color has held the highest political office in the land (if not the world,) for almost the last eight years.  I wish I could wave a magic wand over this country, and throughout the world and end all this terrible violence and senseless loss of life.  If it were only that simple….

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