Will our democracy survive?

If we have learned anything in the last four years of the Trump presidency, it is that he is a morally and ethically bankrupt sociopath, and a well documented pathological liar.  And now, as his time in office slowly grinds to an end, we must endure the unprecedented final national disgrace of a sitting U.S.... Read more »

The Smollett saga - A travesty of justice

How can someone be indicted on 16 felony counts, and then out of the clear blue sky get let off the hook without an explanation from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office?  No trial, no admission of guilt, nothing on his record moving forward, and just a slap on the wrist? To add insult to... Read more »

Why people are leaving Illinois

Although I am a long-time registered Democrat, I voted for Gov. Rauner, and truly believe Mr. Madigan and his sheep are slowly but surely moving Illinois towards a catastrophic end. It is well documented that we have the 2nd highest property taxes on average of any state in the U.S. (according to 2016 data.) Illinois... Read more »

A view of race relations in the U.S.

The recent heartbreaking events in Baton Rogue, Minneapolis, and Dallas are vivid and painful examples of just how fractured our society is from the epidemic of violence that is dominating media headlines on a seemingly regular basis.  Over and over again we have seen the depressing and horrific images of people of color being brutalized... Read more »

Derrick Rose trade

As I compose my first blog post under the name DK’s Myriad Musings, I am excited to have a forum to express my views on topics near and dear to me in the worlds of music, politics, and sports. As the news of Derrick Rose being traded to the NY Knicks is still sinking into... Read more »