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Jesse and Sandi Jackson Lawyer Up for Divorce

Jesse and Sandi Jackson Lawyer Up for Divorce Just revealed is the pending divorce of Jesse and Sandi Jackson.  See Sneed’s article in the Sun-Times. What has NOT  been revealed yet in the media is that they have lawyered up using the top two divorce law firms in town:  Berger Schatz and Schiller DuCanto &... Read more »

The Dog Ate Your Support Check and Other Lies re Spousal Support Payments

Since November 2006, my court ordered support is due on the 20th of each month.  I can count on one hand the number of times since then that I have received that support on time.* Our court order states that D [otherwise known as the X] is to transfer my support electronically each month on... Read more »

Downsizing and Donating After Your Divorce? How to Do It!

Downsizing and donating after your divorce? How to Do it! There may come a time after your divorce when you no longer want some of the things [hereinafter called “stuff”] you received in your property division.  The reasons may vary from no longer needing it, or wanting it nor do your kids want your stuff.... Read more »

What the hell does sleep have to do with divorce?

What the hell does sleep have to do with divorce? Write about sleep and the impact it has on your life now or at any point in your life Once a month, ChicagoNow, the platform that hosts my blog,  sponsors an event that challenges us to  blog on a topic provided at 9pm.  We have... Read more »

High-Conflict Divorce? Yes? Then Chances are You are Divorcing a Narcissist

“High-Conflict” Divorce?  Yes? Then chances are you are divorcing a narcissist. Are the  court battles never ending?  Does he/she refuse to  settle?  Does he/she refuse to follow court orders? Today’s New York Time‘s Well Book Club  blog has posted a book review, that is so on target: Will I Ever Be Free of You? How... Read more »

August & September 2015 Divorce Events

Looking for Chicago area divorce events?  Here are several  August & September 2015 Divorce Events: Saturday, August 8, 2015 Second Saturday Divorce Workshops  are in their 25th year.  Conducted by either a financial, legal or mental health professional, they are designed to  be a resource for women going through a divorce. Held on the second... Read more »

Divorcing His Temper Tantrums

Divorcing his Temper Tantrums Tonight’s Monthly Blogapalooza-Hour Challenge: Write about a time you lost your temper or somebody lost their temper at you Divorcing his temper tantrums Wow! This a a great topic and so on point if you have or are going through a divorce! Growing up, I rarely saw anyone throwing a temper... Read more »

Helpful Divorce Blogs Offer Advice and Humor

Here is a list of helpful divorce/relationship blogs that offer advice and/or humor.  Some are very funny; some are dead serious. Here are my current favorite blogs on divorce. I am limiting  this list to  blogs that are current, American-law focused, and written by a person, not a company. There are hundreds, if not thousands,... Read more »

Super Divorce Lawyers in Illinois 2015

Super Divorce Lawyers in Illinois 2015 January is said to be “divorce month.”  Divorce lawyers report that more folks file for a divorce in January than in any other month. So just in time, Super Lawyers Magazine has just released  its list of the best or “super” lawyers by region and practice of law. The selection... Read more »

A Childhood Fondly Remembered

A Childhood Fondly Remembered Tonight’s challenge here at ChicagoNow is to write about a favorite childhood memory. I grew up in a  family with seven siblings and numerous types of pets, ranging from a pony, snakes, sheep, dogs and  frogs, to name a few, and  there are so many wonderful times to remember.  Whenever we... Read more »