Jesse and Sandi Jackson Lawyer Up for Divorce

Jesse and Sandi Jackson Lawyer Up for Divorce

Just revealed is the pending divorce of Jesse and Sandi Jackson.  See Sneed’s article in the Sun-Times.

What has NOT  been revealed yet in the media is that they have lawyered up using the top two divorce law firms in town:  Berger Schatz and Schiller DuCanto & Fleck.

According to the Clerk of the Court’s Electronic Database, Sandi has hired Schiller.  Jesse has hired Berger Schatz.

I have mentioned these firms before. [See my prior posts here and  here, ] I know them well:  I have been using Berger Schatz for the last 13 years in my divorce related litigation.  My X’s latest firm is Schiller DuCanto [he has used three or four other firms…I have lost count].

Both firms are very good.  Some say that they are the best in Chicago, Illinois and the Midwest! Of course, you may not be surprised if I say that I am not fond of Schiller DuCanto.  At times the attorney representing my X has said nasty  things directly to me, making it personal. But I realize that those methods are part of the process.  Wealthy spouses use financial and psychological warfare to terrorize the dependent spouse.  Forcing them to want to give up and accept a settlement much less than they deserve under the law. It does not happen in all divorces.  Only ones where the moneyed spouse orders a scorched earth approach.

I have been using Berger Schatz longer than most marriages are [13 years vs 7 years of an average marriage]. Leon Finkel and Peter Sullivan have been great advocates in this long process.  Myra Foutris was added to help with the Illinois Supreme Court briefs.

I hope that Jesse and Sandi will be reasonable and get on with their lives. Litigation is very expensive!  I had no choice but to litigate as the X refused to negotiate in good faith. I would have settled a dozen times or more but the X [and his firm] have never made an offer that was even remotely reasonable.

My case is pending before the Illinois Supreme Court at this point.  I will share some war stories at a future time.

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