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Most Insufferable Prep School Alumni (& Parents): Lab, Parker, Or Latin?

A column in Chicago Magazine states: “Most Labbies are insufferable about their affiliation with Hyde Park’s legendary private school, constantly reminding the rest of us that they’re smarter and more confident and better connected than we are.” (The Lab Mystique) And indeed, it’s objectively true.  Especially during the current moment in history, when the school... Read more »

Duncan Showed How To Respond To Undeserved Recognition

Politicians and political appointees often seek (or are offered) accolades that are not yet deserved. This doesn’t usually stop them from accepting.  But it seems worth noting now that a year ago, when he was still just the head of the Chicago schools, Arne Duncan actually turned down an award from the Illinois Council Against... Read more »

Reporter Presses White House On Olympics / Violence Link

Earlier today I wrote a mocking post on my other blog titled White House Promises Youth Violence Response (Once Chicago Wins Olympics).  It seemed like everyone was just going to push the issue under the rug. So you can imagine how much I appreciated reading about an unnamed reporter who earlier today badgered White House... Read more »