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Youth Violence Too Big For Huberman To Handle

The sad saga of Ron Huberman’s SuperSecret violence prevention plan continues to unfold, full of shifting numbers, unexplained delays, and looming obstacles.  The number of kids identified as most at risk has now changed several times, according to the Tribune.  Neither the much-vaunted victims study, the no-bid contract, or the full plan of action have... Read more »

Remembering Michael Scott -- And Asking Questions

Questions Swirl Around Michael Scott’s Untimely Death NBC“We know what the ME ruled,” said Police Superintendent Jody Weis during a press conference. “But there are a lot of questions out there.” Isolated location no place for such a public man to die Tribune (John Kass)The place where he fell is a no-man’s land along the... Read more »

Caught On Tape: The Response To Derrion Albert's Murder

Five key elements of the much-covered (but little-understood) response by the Board of Education, the City, and the Obama administration to the murder of Fenger High School student Derrion Albert: A hastily-planned, one day summit at a downtown hotel?  A handful of additional federal dollars and a lot of hand-waving?  Really – that’s all you... Read more »

School Violence Summit-Just Another Dog & Pony Show?

I’ll be posting everything I can find about the big “violence summit” here, which is turning into a local and national event.  [See additions by clicking at bottom.] Breakfast with Mayor Daley. Will meet with families of victims Lynn Sweet Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder are expected to meet privately with... Read more »

Monday Morning Education News

There’s actually lots of education news that’s not about Fenger or youth violence: Former foster child now a million-dollar scholar Tribune When Quarles was 5, the state took him away from his mother. He spent his childhood bouncing from home to home before ending up on his own at 17 in an apartment on Chicago’s... Read more »

Enough Already -- Where's The Youth Violence Plan?

It’s Friday afternoon just about dismissal time.  Prime fight time for CPS students, according to Linda Lutton, who predicts one is taking place at 35th and King right about now.  Indeed, CPS educators and longtime readers of this blog know that fights are distressingly common and frequently go unreported.  Parent Matt Farmer recently wrote that... Read more »

More Fenger Coverage -- Not Much New Info

Prosecutor: Fenger teen threw ‘knockout punch’ Tribune Earlier today, Fenger showed some signs of returning to normal this morning as students quietly trickled into classes — and police cars patrolled the block. Six teen homicide victims in four days in Chicago Tribune RedEye looks at teenage murder victims this month. Report: Fire city public safety... Read more »

Huberman Hype

“If this uber-technocrat makes serious progress, he will stride toward his rumored destiny as Daley’s heir.” From Chicago Magazine’s new profile of Huberman, “Numb3rs Man.”  

Easy Outrage

“It’s easy to write a report saying CPS is a failure… It’s easy to blame “special interests” and teachers for the problem, then turn around and use the resulting outrage to argue that charters are the silver bullet.” Lorraine Forte in the Huffington Post: Tougher Tests Just the First Step to Improving Chicago Schools.