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Who's Adrienne Hiegel (And Why's She Still Working At CPS)?

The inspector general has some serious questions about how Ron Huberman supervised a contract when he was running the 911 unit — and some even more serious allegations about his aide, Adrienne Hiegel, who currently works at the Board of Education. According to the Sun Times story: The report accuses her of directing underlings to... Read more »

Chicago Education's Rising Stars

Check out this profile of Akeshia Craven, a former engineer who is now one of Chicago’s new chief area officers.  It’s either inspiring or depressing depending whether Craven is any good at her job.  I don’t know much about what Craven did before she got the CAO gig, other than participating in the Broad Residency... Read more »

One Parent's School Bus Woes In Brighton Park

A Brighton Park parent wrote in to me about what seems like a wasteful and disorganized situation regarding coordination of bus schedules between CPS and the Park District. For some reason, the two agencies can’t seem to get their act together.  Check it out, and tell us if you’ve had any similar situations — or... Read more »