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Huberman Hype

“If this uber-technocrat makes serious progress, he will stride toward his rumored destiny as Daley’s heir.” From Chicago Magazine’s new profile of Huberman, “Numb3rs Man.”  

Monday Morning News

CPS Explains Stimulus Report WBEZ Chicago Public Schools officials are taking issue with the wording of a new government report. State budget cuts endanger preschools CTDN As their representatives slice the pie, Chicago educators are concerned that they will again propose slashing funds for Preschool for All, the state program that pays for early learning... Read more »

News From Other Places

A weekly look at education news from other parts of the country: Obama Administration Pushes Merit Pay NPR The union’s leadership says it’s willing to talk, but most of its rank and file want no part of it. As more and more Democrats in Congress line up behind the idea, they may have no choice.... Read more »

Friday Morning News

Radical School Reform Model Showing Results WBEZ The turn around school reform model–where all staff is fired and replaced– is becoming a go-to plan in the Chicago district. Now turn arounds may have more ammo. Beleagured Regional Office of Education again faces calls for its … Chicago Tribune Last year, Glenview Public School District 34... Read more »