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Enough Already -- Where's The Youth Violence Plan?

It’s Friday afternoon just about dismissal time.  Prime fight time for CPS students, according to Linda Lutton, who predicts one is taking place at 35th and King right about now.  Indeed, CPS educators and longtime readers of this blog know that fights are distressingly common and frequently go unreported.  Parent Matt Farmer recently wrote that... Read more »

Fenger Followup

Duncan, Holder to Chicago in wake of Fenger murder Chicago Sun-Times  The President is concerned and has asked that next Wednesday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder travel to Chicago. Derrion’s family struggling: ‘We are overwhelmed’ Sun Times Through no fault of his own, 16-year-old Derrion Albert has become the latest symbol of the senseless... Read more »

Reporter Presses White House On Olympics / Violence Link

Earlier today I wrote a mocking post on my other blog titled White House Promises Youth Violence Response (Once Chicago Wins Olympics).  It seemed like everyone was just going to push the issue under the rug. So you can imagine how much I appreciated reading about an unnamed reporter who earlier today badgered White House... Read more »

Does A "Residency" Year Make A Classroom Difference?

Most people lump alternative certification programs into one big category, but they are not all the same.  One of the programs with a residency component, run by AUSL and National Louis, just got a $3 million grant from the USDE.  This is new for the USDE to award these grants to residency models.  AUSL claims... Read more »

A Good Time To End The Education Lottery

While the Board of Education and much of the public are trying to figure out how to “fix” Chicago’s selective enrollment and magnet program admissions policies now that the desegregation decree has been lifted, little thought seems to be going to what may be a timely alternative:  getting rid of magnet, selective, and other programs... Read more »

More Fenger Coverage -- Not Much New Info

Prosecutor: Fenger teen threw ‘knockout punch’ Tribune Earlier today, Fenger showed some signs of returning to normal this morning as students quietly trickled into classes — and police cars patrolled the block. Six teen homicide victims in four days in Chicago Tribune RedEye looks at teenage murder victims this month. Report: Fire city public safety... Read more »

Chicago Education's Rising Stars

Check out this profile of Akeshia Craven, a former engineer who is now one of Chicago’s new chief area officers.  It’s either inspiring or depressing depending whether Craven is any good at her job.  I don’t know much about what Craven did before she got the CAO gig, other than participating in the Broad Residency... Read more »

Fixing The Comments Features On D299

Dislike for the original comments system put in on this site last week was pretty much universal — apologies to all — so after a few days of complaining from all of us the folks at ChicagoNow have changed it back to something closer to what everyone wants.  The new system shows the number of... Read more »

One Parent's School Bus Woes In Brighton Park

A Brighton Park parent wrote in to me about what seems like a wasteful and disorganized situation regarding coordination of bus schedules between CPS and the Park District. For some reason, the two agencies can’t seem to get their act together.  Check it out, and tell us if you’ve had any similar situations — or... Read more »

Durbin Picks West Side Kid For Senate Page Program

Here’s some belated good news sent to my by the folks from Al Raby about a CPS kid who’s been picked to be a US Senate page in Washington.  Congrats to all involved, including the school and of course the family. There are a handful of kids from Chicago who get to do this every... Read more »