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Youth Violence Too Big For Huberman To Handle

The sad saga of Ron Huberman’s SuperSecret violence prevention plan continues to unfold, full of shifting numbers, unexplained delays, and looming obstacles.  The number of kids identified as most at risk has now changed several times, according to the Tribune.  Neither the much-vaunted victims study, the no-bid contract, or the full plan of action have... Read more »

Remembering Michael Scott -- And Asking Questions

Questions Swirl Around Michael Scott’s Untimely Death NBC“We know what the ME ruled,” said Police Superintendent Jody Weis during a press conference. “But there are a lot of questions out there.” Isolated location no place for such a public man to die Tribune (John Kass)The place where he fell is a no-man’s land along the... Read more »

Schools Chair Michael Scott Believed Dead [updated]

Body of school board boss found in Chicago River Tribune A body believed to be that of Michael Scott, the president of the Chicago Public Schools board of education, was found in the Chicago River near the Merchandise Mart this morning, police said. Reports Say Chicago Board of Ed Official Found Dead WBEZPublished reports say... Read more »

Catalyst Magazine Rolls Out Some Updates

What do you think about these three recent offerings from Catalyst Magazine, which focus on increases in reported violence, value-added elementary school ratings, and Grow Your Own? Violence on the rise inside Chicago high schools. In the past year, violent incidents inside or on the grounds of Chicago’s high schools rose by almost 20 percent…Over... Read more »

Duncan Showed How To Respond To Undeserved Recognition

Politicians and political appointees often seek (or are offered) accolades that are not yet deserved. This doesn’t usually stop them from accepting.  But it seems worth noting now that a year ago, when he was still just the head of the Chicago schools, Arne Duncan actually turned down an award from the Illinois Council Against... Read more »

Caught On Tape: The Response To Derrion Albert's Murder

Five key elements of the much-covered (but little-understood) response by the Board of Education, the City, and the Obama administration to the murder of Fenger High School student Derrion Albert: A hastily-planned, one day summit at a downtown hotel?  A handful of additional federal dollars and a lot of hand-waving?  Really – that’s all you... Read more »

Colbert Plays Arne Soft On TV Comedy Show

Arne Duncan was on the Colbert Report last night, talking about education and (of course) playing one on one against Colbert.  I didn’t think it was all that funny — Arne just says the same things over and over again, and Colbert likes education too much to make good fun of it — but watch... Read more »

A New (Public Montessori Charter) School Comes To Avondale

A new Montessori school is taking shape to open in Avondale next fall.   But it’s not going to be private.  It’s going to be Chicago’s first public charter Montessori.   And it’s being founded by Rita Nolan, a veteran educator from Near North Montessori.  Click below for an update from freelance writer Megan Cottrell.  When Rita Nolan... Read more »

Monday Morning Education News

There’s actually lots of education news that’s not about Fenger or youth violence: Former foster child now a million-dollar scholar Tribune When Quarles was 5, the state took him away from his mother. He spent his childhood bouncing from home to home before ending up on his own at 17 in an apartment on Chicago’s... Read more »

Who's Adrienne Hiegel (And Why's She Still Working At CPS)?

The inspector general has some serious questions about how Ron Huberman supervised a contract when he was running the 911 unit — and some even more serious allegations about his aide, Adrienne Hiegel, who currently works at the Board of Education. According to the Sun Times story: The report accuses her of directing underlings to... Read more »