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Most Insufferable Prep School Alumni (& Parents): Lab, Parker, Or Latin?

A column in Chicago Magazine states: “Most Labbies are insufferable about their affiliation with Hyde Park’s legendary private school, constantly reminding the rest of us that they’re smarter and more confident and better connected than we are.” (The Lab Mystique) And indeed, it’s objectively true.  Especially during the current moment in history, when the school... Read more »

Duncan Showed How To Respond To Undeserved Recognition

Politicians and political appointees often seek (or are offered) accolades that are not yet deserved. This doesn’t usually stop them from accepting.  But it seems worth noting now that a year ago, when he was still just the head of the Chicago schools, Arne Duncan actually turned down an award from the Illinois Council Against... Read more »

School Violence Summit-Just Another Dog & Pony Show?

I’ll be posting everything I can find about the big “violence summit” here, which is turning into a local and national event.  [See additions by clicking at bottom.] Breakfast with Mayor Daley. Will meet with families of victims Lynn Sweet Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder are expected to meet privately with... Read more »

Colbert Plays Arne Soft On TV Comedy Show

Arne Duncan was on the Colbert Report last night, talking about education and (of course) playing one on one against Colbert.  I didn’t think it was all that funny — Arne just says the same things over and over again, and Colbert likes education too much to make good fun of it — but watch... Read more »

Enough Already -- Where's The Youth Violence Plan?

It’s Friday afternoon just about dismissal time.  Prime fight time for CPS students, according to Linda Lutton, who predicts one is taking place at 35th and King right about now.  Indeed, CPS educators and longtime readers of this blog know that fights are distressingly common and frequently go unreported.  Parent Matt Farmer recently wrote that... Read more »

Does A "Residency" Year Make A Classroom Difference?

Most people lump alternative certification programs into one big category, but they are not all the same.  One of the programs with a residency component, run by AUSL and National Louis, just got a $3 million grant from the USDE.  This is new for the USDE to award these grants to residency models.  AUSL claims... Read more »

News From Other Places

A weekly look at education news from other parts of the country: Obama Administration Pushes Merit Pay NPR The union’s leadership says it’s willing to talk, but most of its rank and file want no part of it. As more and more Democrats in Congress line up behind the idea, they may have no choice.... Read more »