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Parents Pick Own "Welcoming" Schools

Parents Pick Own "Welcoming" Schools
RECEIVING SCHOOLS / CLOSING SCHOOLS Only 60 percent of students from Chicago’s closed schools turn up at ‘welcoming schools’ WBEZ: But enrollment figures obtained by WBEZ through an open records request show CPS overstated enrollment at the receiving schools by more than 2,000 students. Many shun CPS’ plan for ‘welcoming’ schools Chicago Tribune: Almost half the youngsters most affected by... Read more »

Safe Billiken Passages

Safe Billiken Passages
Today's education news:  Safe Passages rollout, CPS employees complain about being told to attend Bud Billiken parade, the "real Karen Lewis, reactions to the testing rollback last week, shared schools/libraries, and more...

Board Pre-Registration Irks Some

Copy of news2Today's education news includes items about the new Board meeting signup process (you have to call or register online ahead of time), IB acceptance letters (830 cutoff at Lincoln Park, it's rumored), and a few other dribs and drabs (including "Russo is not very popular in some of the circles I run in")...

If Louisiana-Monroe Can Do This, Why Not Chicago State?

While folks in DC are talking about revamping ed school teacher preparation, and eight states not including IL are moving towards making changes, the University of Louisiana-Monroe has already done it, according to this NPR segment from last night (Improving Lousiana’s schools, starting with teachers): raised admissions standards; made students take more courses in the... Read more »

Your Teacher Training Program Sucks (Probably)

That’s the conclusion of a new report that looked at the curriculum requirements and substance of area teacher preparation programs:  Colleges blasted over teacher preparation; deans blast back Tribune:  The report called out programs for a lack of consistency (aspiring elementary teachers must take anywhere from 27 to 60-plus credit hours depending on where they... Read more »

AM News: Will Lunches Really Improve?

Chicago Schools Go for Gold on Lunch Standards WBEZ: CPS is adopting healthier standards for its school meals….CPS pledges to provide healthier cafetaria food Catalyst:  The lunch ladies at Sharon Christa McAuliffe Elementary School handed green plastic trays to officials from the Chicago Public School, the United States Department of Agriculture and members of the... Read more »

Outsiders Limited By New Magnet Proposal

Chicago magnet schools might undergo shake-up TribuneThe number of outside applicants being offered a seat would drop at nearly every Chicago magnet school next year under new admissions criteria to be voted on Wednesday, according to a Tribune analysis. Gunman shot child in head prior to nursery crash: police Sun TimesChicago Public Schools spokeswoman Monique... Read more »

"Becoming A Man" - Where It's Been, Where It's Headed

Yesterday’s Tribune featured the rollout of a $1M new effort to implement — and study — a youth violence prevention program called “Becoming A Man.” Has BAM been tried at your school?  Is it heading your way?  What do you think about its chances? Click below for the list of schools that have tried the... Read more »

Does A "Residency" Year Make A Classroom Difference?

Most people lump alternative certification programs into one big category, but they are not all the same.  One of the programs with a residency component, run by AUSL and National Louis, just got a $3 million grant from the USDE.  This is new for the USDE to award these grants to residency models.  AUSL claims... Read more »

Independence, Impact, & School-Driven Focus

New York’s new “Research Alliance” will resemble Chicago’s Consortium in many ways, but with some key differences, according to the Consortium. They describe the New York effort as a replication, not an exact clone. Both organizations will have broad data sharing privileges, including both public and private information. Of course, New York won’t have data... Read more »