Time To Say Goodbye

Time To Say Goodbye

As some of you may have already noticed, I’m shutting down District 299.

I created the blog way back in the day (2005) when when I realized that Chicago educators didn’t care much about national news and national educators didn’t care much about Chicago.At the time, I was running a weekly email newsletter rounding up local and national news.

I thought — and still think — that Chicago’s education scene is fascinating and important. You can see the first two years of the blog here. However, that was long ago. I’ve been away from Chicago for almost nine years now — that’s superintendents Huberman, Brizard, and Byrd-Bennett — and have a bunch of new projects going on (including my newest launch over at the Washington Monthly, The Grade).

District 299 has been hosted over the years by Chicago’s Catalyst Magazine and by the Chicago Tribune’s “Chicago Now” hive of local blogs.Thanks to them for sponsoring the blog so that I could keep it full of news and gossip, and specifically to Linda Lenz at Catalyst and Bill Adee and Jimmy Greenfield at the Chicago Tribune. According to Jimmy, there are 6,800 blog posts on the Tribune version of the site.

And of course thanks to all of you who read the site, commented, and even shared tidbits with me along the way. For a long time, District 299 was a particularly satisfying experience for me because the relationship between me and the readers (longtime CPS veterans and insiders, many of them) was so close.

Thanks, everyone! I’ll be mothballing the site and shutting down the @district299 twitter feed in the next few weeks. You can follow me at @alexanderrusso if you want national and local education news.

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