Why WBEZ Didn't Run That "Chuy" Segment

Why WBEZ Didn't Run That "Chuy" Segment

Today’s mishmash of news coverage has no particular pattern or meaning.  I think everyone’s still trying to get back settled into school and recovering from the runoff. The one tiny bit of notable news is that NPR is pulling its branding off of that Latinos USA piece on Chuy that aired a few days before the election day (but not in Chicago because WBEZ thought it wasn’t up to standards journalistically). Meanwhile, testing is ramping up in New York and the Senate is trying to mark up a new version of NCLB in DC.

NPR editors: Chuy broadcast did not meet our standards Poynter: Jensen quoted Ben Calhoun, the director of programming and content at WBEZ, which decided not to air the episode because it was “based so deeply in the perspective of one candidate and campaign.” Because the station did not broadcast the episode, the show probably didn’t influence the outcome of the election, Jensen writes.

How veterans are working to keep Chicago’s children safe Christian Science Monitor:  According to a report from the Chicago Public Schools: “There have been no major incidents involving students on Safe Passage routes near Welcoming schools during the program’s operational hours.

CTU Spin on Election Second City Teacher: “Emanuel was able to win re-election by promising to change his approach and being more responsive to the needs of every day residents of our city. If the mayor is truly repentent for his past policy transgressions, this will allow for more substantive contract negotiations between the CTU and the Chicago Board of Education, and transparent discussions about the type of neighborhoods, schools and public services that Chicago’s students and their families deserve.”

What Edtech Companies Need to Do To Sell to Chicago Public Schools EdSurge: Here’s a deadline that edtech entrepreneurs who want to work with Chicago schools should post on the wall in front of them: 11:00 am Central Time, Thursday April 23. That’s when companies must respond to Chicago Public Schools’ first Request for …

Couple removed from CPS meetings sue, say free speech rights violated Chicago Sun-Times: An outspoken couple who’ve been banned from attending Board of Education meetings are suingChicago Public Schools’ board members and safety chief, accusing the officials of violating their First Amendment rights.

Chicago School Designed With Blended Learning in Mind Education Week News: The Chicago Teachers Union, for instance, which has been critical of charter schools’ growth in the city, was skeptical about Intrinsic’s structure and whether students benefit, said a research facilitator for the union, Sarah J. Hainds.

SAISD Superintendent Finalist Bios KSAT San Antonio: Martinez also previously served as Chief Financial Officer at Chicago Public Schools, the nation’s third largest school district, under the leadership of Arne Duncan, now U.S. Secretary of Education.

Teachers and Students Fight for 15 San Diego Free Press: For instance, in Chicago the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) recently proposed that all Chicago Public School employees receive at least $15 an hour.

Obamas Have Donated $47,000 to Chicago-Based Literacy Group Since 2005 DNA Info: The director of the organization behind Boundless Readers said the couple’s support is “humbling.”


Senate Attempts To Revise No Child Left Behind Measure NPR: A Senate committee begins work on a bill that would overhaul the education law. That measure — once considered a great uniter of politicians on the left and right — has since become a great divider. See also NPR

Parents Get An Earful on Opting Out of the State Tests WNYC: Last year, 1,925 students opted out, according to the city’s Department of Education. In 2012, 113 students opted out of the tests, education officials said.

Some Parents Oppose Standardized Testing on Principle, but Not in Practice NYT: Even parents who are uncomfortable with the exams are discovering that it is hard to push the button on the nuclear option — refusing to have their own children take them.

Marco Rubio’s education plan is pretty much like President Obama’s Fusion:  and Obama both support the idea of early childhood education. Rubio even said on CBS’ Face the Nation that he thinks programs like Head Start, which Obama has championed, are well-intentioned.


Atlanta Judge Urges Talks on Sentences in School Cheating Case NYT: Judge Jerry W. Baxter said, he thought an appropriate sentence for educators convicted of altering test scores would mean sending them to jail. But then he had a change of heart. See also Washington Post: Judge urges Atlanta educators to accept plea deals in test cheating case.

Parent trigger proposal fails this session AP: A proposal that would make it easier for parents to convert struggling public schools into charter schools has failed this 

Hit by school violence, Colorado mulls districts’ liability AP: A novel approach to make public schools liable for campus violence under a measure is advancing in Colorado, even as lawmakers from both parties wonder whether liability will prevent the next mass shooting….

Mayor helps end scare over man reported with gun near school AP: A scare over a homeless man allegedly spotted carrying a rifle near a school in western Pennsylvania ended when the suspect surrendered to the city’s mayor, who knew the man, the mayor said….

Teachers unions on the rise again in New Orleans, 10 years after charters pushed them out Hechinger Report: The move by the Morris Jeff board to establish a contract with the union is the second action by a city charter school in the past month that indicates teachers — and school operators — may be willing to give unions a role in education.

Seattle School Board not keen to enter charter-school business Seattle Times: Seattle School Board members Wednesday evening decided against applying to the state for the authority to approve charter schools.

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