Rahm Calls Karen (Finally)

Rahm Calls Karen (Finally)

So Rahm finally picked up the phone and called Karen Lewis, and both of them seemed very pleased to let everybody know about it. Meanwhile, folks are divided about Spike Lee’s new project, Chiraq, which will focus on violence and safety. Nationally, Florida is rolling back some of its testing and New York is going to join DC and Toledo in having outsiders help evaluate teachers.


Emanuel Acknowledges Challenges in 2nd Chicago Mayoral Term AP: The last round of talks between Emanuel and the union led to Chicago’s first teachers strike in 25 years. Tensions deepened the following year in 2013 when Emanuel pushed to close dozens of neighborhood schools.

Rahm talks to archrival Karen Lewis for first time since 2011 F-bomb episode Sun Times: “I’m all for trying to reset the button because I don’t think Rahm Emanuel and me not talking is productive,” Lewis said by telephone Thursday.

CTU negotiations could pick up with mayoral race settled Chicago Sun-Times: The Chicago Teachers Union said Wednesday it hopes the end of the mayoral election season leads to quicker contract negotiations even though it has to bargain with the mayor it opposed. But the union is taking a more conciliatory approach to the …


Reports of Spike Lee’s new ‘Chiraq’ film causing controversy already CLTV: While very few details about the film are being released, Lee was spotted on the South Side Sunday at St. Sabina church. Hearing the news about the film is upsetting to longtime community activist Andrew Holmes, not only of because of the name “Chiraq,” but also because of the idea the parents who have lost kids to gun violence will have to live it again.


Lack of money, interest forcing many high school newspapers to fold Chicago Tribune: When there wasn’t enough money in the Steinmetz College Prep high school budget to cover the cost of printing a student newspaper, its journalism adviser made a desperate plea to one of the Chicago public school’s most successful former students for ..


After Backlash, Florida Puts Limits on Standardized Testing AP: The changes, though not as wide as critics wanted, still represent a departure for Republicans who had fully embraced the reforms championed by Bush during his eight years in office. Bush is touting his reforms in what appears to be a likely presidential campaign. See also State EdWatch: Florida Votes to Cut Tests, Lower Exams’ Weight in Teacher Evaluations.


New York teachers hate the idea of outsiders evaluating them. Here’s what happened when D.C. tried it. Hechinger Report: Similar consultants have already evaluated teachers in a handful of other places across the country, including Toledo, Ohio; Montgomery County, Maryland; and, perhaps most notably, Washington, D.C.


State Supreme Court: LAUSD must recalculate charter classroom needs KPCC: The court agreed with LAUSD that classrooms provided for adult education or preschool can be excluded from calculating K-12 class-size average, but it declined to clarify if other school spaces, such as supply rooms, should be used. So while the ruling clarifies how space for charters must be calculated, final numbers from the districts will determine whether charters get any extra real estate or lose ground.


School Discipline: When Local Police Call the Shots WNYC: An investigation from the Center for Public Integrity finds that schools refer racial minorities and students with disabilities to police at rates much higher than their white peers.


Duncan wants new law to include early childhood education, state oversight Washington Post: On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the nation’s main federal education law, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Thursday that Congress needs to craft a modern version that stays true to the law’s intent: to create equal educational opportunity for all children.

More Black, Latino Teens Say They’re Online ‘Almost Constantly’ NPR: About one-third of black and Hispanic teens say they’re online just about all the time, compared with about 1 in 5 whites, a new study says. Experts say smartphones are defining teens’ social habits.

Daughter of Somali Immigrants Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools NBC: A Minnesota teen, the daughter of Somali immigrants, has been accepted to all eight Ivy League schools, plus several other prestigious schools. KARE’s Chris Hrapsky reports. See also: Vietnamese Refugee Accepted to Five Ivy League Schools.

Taylor Alesena, Transgender Teen And YouTube Personality, Dies HuffPost: Despite major mainstream strides for LGBT equality, transgender people still take their own life at a disproportionately alarming rate. Recently, a transgender teen in North Carolina who was crowned homecoming king allegedly took his own life after becoming an advocate for the trans community.

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