CTU Says Testing Will Be A "Hot Mess"

CTU Says Testing Will Be A "Hot Mess"

Today’s news includes indications that SEIU and other unions besides CTU won’t be endorsing Chuy after all (a SEIU endorsement was reported last week – but Chuy may not even need it at this point), plus warnings from CTU that next week’s testing sessions will be chaotic and problematic (didn’t they say the same thing about Safe Passages?). Meanwhile, the Tribune has a story about the Urban Prep student killed after school a few days ago. Nationally, Boston just hired a 39 year-old LAUSD administrator to head its school system (yes, he’s a TFA alum), and charters and teachers are fighting tooth and nail in New York and LA.


Union backing elusive as Garcia seeks to unseat Chicago Mayor Emanuel Reuters: But interviews this week with leaders at major unions that have made no endorsement indicate none is likely to join the Chicago Teachers Union, the only major union to back Garcia before the primary.

Rahm and Chuy and Chicago and CPS CPS Obsessed: He cannot dodge the school closing issue.  He likes doing things big, let’s face it.  And that may be his downfall.  He feels he did good.  Lots of people are still mad about it (and will always be mad.) Take a read and share your thought.  Can Chuy actually do anything different with CPS than Rahm does?  What would the real impact be given the financial situation of Chicago and CPS?


CTU: PARCC Test Will Be ‘Hot Mess’ For CPS Students, Parents CBS Local: “It’s not going to be pretty. As [CTU President]Karen Lewis likes to say, it’ll be a hot mess …[this story seems to be down – anyone know what happened to it?]

Two top-rated CPS schools welcoming PARCC opt-outs Chicago Sun-Times: As Chicago Public Schools gear up to give a new controversial standardized state test, at least two top-rated North Side schools are encouraging parents to sit their children out of the PARCC. 


Urban Prep student slain near home: ‘I ducked and Deonte tried to run’ Chicago Tribune: It was getting dark and Deonte Hoard was just getting home from Urban Prep high school, but the 17-year-old senior didn’t think twice when a friend suggested a little pickup basketball, a game he loved.

Judge Dismisses Pro-Trumbull Community Group’s Lawsuit Over School Closing DNAinfo: Supporters of Lyman Trumbull Elementary School who filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the Chicago Public Schools arguing that students with disabilities suffered discrimination during the school’s closing process received

Jackie Robinson West Attorneys Call For Whistleblower Investigation Chicagoist: Janes said he initially became suspicious of where some JRW players lived after seeing a marquee in Lynwood—outside the boundaries the team can recruit players—naming one of the team members as a resident. Janes said he compiled voter registration records, vehicle registrations and other documentation and sent it to Little League International.

A Kid Like Jake WBEZ: What happens when our fears, prejudices and agenda take precedence? And what are the consequences when child rearing philosophies between parents diverge?


A Charter School Rally Duels With Teachers’ Unions in Albany NYT: Charter schools and teachers’ unions from New York City gathered for competing events and to press their causes in Albany. See also ChalkbeatNYWNYCAlbany Times Union.

Election sets stage for L.A. Unified battle LA Times: The election results were not exactly the outcome the union had hoped for. A charter schools group, which emerged as a major force in the elections, made significant strides. In a contest that United Teachers Los Angeles fought hard to win, union-backed incumbent Bennett Kayser finished second to charter school founder Ref Rodriguez. See also LA School Report.

Boston Selects New Superintendent of Schools District Dossier: The city’s education officials chose Tommy Chang, an instructional superintendent in the Los Angeles Unified School District, from a field of four finalists. See also Boston Globe.

Body cameras for cops but classrooms too? SI&A Cabinet Reoprt:  Instances of children with little to no verbal skills facing verbal or physical abuse at the hands of a special education instructor or a class aid have been documented even though it can be difficult for those children to express that he or she needs help.


New ‘Consumer Reports’ for Common Core finds learning materials lacking Washington Post:  The initial report posted Wednesday examined materials that have at least a 10 percent market share and were endorsed by at least two states that said the materials were aligned with the Common Core.

GOP Education Chairman Anticipates Vote on Education Bill AP: Kline said he was “taken by surprise” by the opposition he says appears to have been fueled largely by a blog that said the bill would solidify the use of the standards and insert government control into private schools. Kline said the bill would do neither. He said opposition from the Heritage Action for America and Club for Growth also contributed to members’ concerns.

Around The World, This Is How Girls And Boys Are Stacking Up Against Each Other In School HuffPost: Girls are now going to school longer than boys and significantly outperform boys in reading. Across countries examined in the report, boys are more likely to post low scores in math, reading and science. See also Washington Post.

More Children Eat Fruit in School, Study Shows NYT: The study found that from the time new nutritional guidelines went into effect in 2012 through last year, the percentage of students choosing fruits increased to 66 percent from 54 percent.

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