Chuy Raises Cash In DC & NYC

Chuy Raises Cash In DC & NYC

Early voting is off to a big start. Chuy went to Washington and NYC to raise cash. A CPS principal is resigning over testing, she says. Unions won a legal round over fair share proposal from Rauner. White parents are much more likely to oppose the Common Core than black and brown ones, says a new poll.  (Richer parents are much more likely to rate their children’s education “excellent” rather than good.) Opt-outs aren’t spreading to Elgin, reports the Tribune. The NY Times has a story about how reformers with cash are putting the squeeze on Hillary Clinton, urging her to move away from her union allies.


In Washington, it’s ‘Viva Chicago’ for Garcia Chicago Sun-Times: “So there is a real choice here,” American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten is saying at a Tuesday fundraiser for mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia at a townhouse a few blocks from the Capitol.

Garcia hits DC to raise money for Emanuel challenge Chicago Tribune: Attendees included Ray Anderson, a former Chicago Public Schools Washington-based lobbyist, and Jonathan Jackson, a business-management …

Inside Chuy Garcia’s New York Fundraiser Chicago Magazine: The mayoral candidate headed to the Big Apple this week to raise funds for the April 7 election. Here’s what happened.

Garcia’s neighborhood legacy not as big as bio boasts Chicago Sun-Times: During his time with Enlace, the group relied largely on funding from a variety of sources, including the Chicago Public Schools, the state and the city…


Record Set For First Day Of Early Voting In Chicago Yesterday Tribune:  Yesterday marked the first day of early voting and despite a lackluster turnout overall during the February elections, we’re off to a good start with a new record set for ballots cast during the first day.

Chicago Mayor’s Race Is Cast as a Test of Liberalism NYT: “Unless they get the crazy lefty money machine going nationally, it’s not going to matter that there’s a resurgent left,” an Emanuel adviser says.


PARCC test boycotts have not spread to Elgin School District U46 Chicago Tribune: While scores of students at several northwest-suburban high schools reportedly refused to take the new standardized tests being administered across Illinois this month, only 20 students required to take it in Elgin School District U46 have said “no,” according to the official in charge of testing for District U46.

Top Principal to Leave CPS, Blames ‘Over-Testing’ DNAinfo: The principal of LaSalle Language Academy has led the school to success over her 8 years at the helm.


Unions win round over Rauner in fee lawsuit Tribune: Labor unions won an initial victory in their effort to block Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s attempt to withhold fees that nonmembers must pay in exchange for collective bargaining when a federal judge ruled Monday that the matter should be settled in state court.

Collateral damage in Chicago’s TIF argument: Schools Crain’s Chicago Business: … all TIF districts in Chicago were to disappeartomorrow, Chicago Public Schools would be sitting on a windfall of cash ..

What would happen if CPS were allowed to go bankrupt? Chicago Tribune:You’ve heard about the huge budget deficitChicago Public Schools faces. What that means is Chicago Public Schools may not be able to open for

City’s crisis not financial—just a matter of priorities, protesters say Chicago Sun-Times: The solution to the city’s ever-worsening financial woes? Sue the banks, say a group of community activists that includes Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd), one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s most vocal critics. See also: Activists Rally Support For ‘A Financial Plan That Puts Chicago’s Communities First’.

Sleepless in Chicago over CPS budget crisis Chicago Tribune: Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett speaks at the Chicago Board of Eduction meeting held at CPS headquarters in Chicago on .


Chicago Public Schools are dirty: Report Fox Chicago: Dirty, filthy schools are now at the center of the Chicago’s mayoral runoff.

CPS cost Wells High School $1 million, athletic field, fundraisers say Chicago Sun-Times: But in December, Wells and the foundation hit a late snag when Chicago Public Schools told them that they would need to follow strict procurement


Editorial: Why school suspensions aren’t the answer Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Public Schools leaders says they want more schools like Sullivan — schools that suspend less, that help kids change behavior more.

Suspensions down, school climate better, but charter data absent Catalyst: A new Consortium on Chicago School Research report found that as suspensions go down, students feel safer and that the school climate is better. But black students are still suspended at high rates, and youth advocates say the lack of data from charters leaves a big question mark about whether harsh school discipline is truly on the decline.

Principals say schools still dirty with privatized custodians Catalyst: The Chicago Principals and Administrators Association releases results of a member survey that found principals believe their buildings were cleaner before the district turned over its custodial services to two private companies at a cost of $340 million. CPS says an independent audit found schools are generally at a level of “ordinary tidiness.”


Hillary Clinton Caught Between Teachers and Wealthy Donors NYT: The pressure Hillary Rodham Clinton faces shows the demands she will have to contend with on a number of divisive domestic issues that flared up during the Obama administration.

Connecticut education official resigns after insulting Obama, Holder, Sharpton New Haven Register: A Norwalk Board of Education member is resigning in response to criticism of a Facebook posting that featured obscenity-laced invective against the Rev. Al Sharpton and insults targeted at President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

GOP lawmaker: I’m short votes for No Child Left Behind rewrite Washington Post: Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.), the chairman of the House education panel, said Tuesday that he is still a “handful” of votes short to pass his GOP bill to replace No Child Left Behind, the main federal education law.

GOP’s John Kasich Isn’t Backing Off ‘Core’ Support WSJ via RCE: If Gov. John Kasich is going to run for president, he doesnt seem likely to trim his sails on the hot-button issue of Common Core education standards.

2 Maryland students caught cheating on PARCC exam WBAL Baltimore: Education officials said they learned earlier this month that the students posted test questions to their Twitter accounts.

Blind Kids, Touchscreen Phones, and the End of Braille? NPR: Touchscreen phones work so well for blind people that Braille may become obsolete. But advocates worry this could render the next generation “functionally illiterate.”

Young Girls Are Much, Much Better Readers Than Boys, And Have Been For A Long Time HuffPost: The gap between boys’ and girls’ respective reading abilities has been getting a lot of attention lately, but the trend itself is not new.


Charter Leader Moskowitz Defends Her Policies, Won’t Say if She’s Running for Mayor WNYC: In an interview on WNYC’s Brian Leher Show, charter school leader and lightning rod Eva Moskowitz defended her schools and her policy of not filling empty seats in upper grades. See also Moskowitz Weighs InMoskowitz addresses backfill and test prep critiques.

Cuomo Drops Dream Act and Education Tax Credit From Budget NYT: A spokeswoman for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said that the Dream Act, which would allow high school graduates who are undocumented immigrants to apply for state aid to college, might have to be taken up later.

Maryland begins to consider requests to waive school days lost to snow Washington Post: Maryland officials will begin considering requests for waivers that would forgive school systems for canceling up to three days of classes during the winter’s snow and ice. The Maryland State Board of Education gave the go-ahead at its Tuesday meeting, saying that State Superintendent Lillian M. Lowery could decide such requests on a case-by-case basis.


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