Winnetka's Common Core Concerns; Fioretti Slams Garcia Over Elected School Board

Winnetka's Common Core Concerns; Fioretti Slams Garcia Over Elected School Board

Two big stories today: The superintendent of Winnetka schools wrote a letter expressing concerns about the new Common Core tests coming this spring, and Fioretti slammed rival Garcia over his apparent indifference to elected school boards until CTU came along. There’s also some more information about that awful knife attack on CPS employees and a student last week, and nationally lots of news about the blizzard.


Fioretti goes after Rahm on son’s assault case: ‘Mr. Mayor, you failed us again’
Chicago Sun-Times: He also took aim at Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, without using his name, complaining that Garcia didn’t support elected school boards until he was asked to run by the Chicago Teachers Union.

Ex-schools CEO Huberman getting deals from CPS-funded charters MyFox Chicago: The company has since gotten contracts worth a total of more than $200,000 from two of the largestChicago Public Schools-funded charter operators — the Noble Network of Charter Schools and the United Neighborhood Organization’s charter network

School superintendent writes ‘warning’ letter on PARCC Common Core test Washington Post (blog): Mississippi pulled out this month, and Chicago Public Schools, the third-largest system in the country, recently decided to buck a state mandate to give

Glenbrook Dist. 225 Will No Longer Follow Chicago On School Closings Journal & Topics: Riggle said suburban superintendents decided to no longer act in lockstep with Chicago Public Schools, and make decisions about when to close …

Homeschooling has its advantages: just ask these two Chicago families Living in urban Chicago, public schools are hit or miss, and they didn’t feel comfortable with their local option.

Mother, Daughter Charged with Beating, Stabbing CPS Employees, Student NBC Chicago:  A mother and daughter upset that their teenage relative was disciplined at a South Side elementary school are charged with allegedly beating and stabbing two Chicago Public Schools employees and a teen boy at the school.

Concerns about Accountability Testing Tim Shanahan:  I haven’t written much about PARCC or SBAC—or the other new tests that other states are taking on—in part because they are not out yet. There are some published prototypes, and I was one of several people asked to examine the work product of these consortia. Nevertheless, the information available is very limited, and I fear that almost anything I may write could be misleading (the prototypes are not necessarily what the final product will turn out to be). However, let me also say that, unlike many who strive for school literacy reform and who support higher educational standards, I’m not all that enthused about the new assessments.


Snow Day: Blizzard Shutters Schools Across Region WNYC: Snow days for the New York City public school system do not come easily, but with forecasts predicting two feet of snow and wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour, yes: school’s canceled.

For Students (and Some Adults), School Cancellation in New York Comes as Welcome News NYT: Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that city schools would be closed on Tuesday because of the snowstorm, giving some students a reprieve from pending exams.


Hidden Day Care Records And Other State Secrets Seattle Public Radio: State inspection reports of day care providers are public record, but accessing them is still a problem for many parents. Washington state posts records online, but more than a dozen states don’t.

Obama Takes Heat For Proposing To End College Savings Break NPR: President Obama has proposed changing the tax treatment of college savings accounts known as 529 plans. Some are calling this a tax increase on the middle class. See also MMFA: What Media Miss On The Tax Breaks In Obama’s Free Community College Plan

Competency-Based Degree Programs On The Rise NPR: A new report says 52 colleges offer, or plan to offer, some credits based on learning, not just seat time.


Investigation into Md. ‘free-range parenting’ case unresolved after meeting Washington Post: The neglect investigation that started after a Silver Spring couple allowed their children to walk home a mile from a park could continue for another couple of weeks, despite the parents’ hopes that authorities would drop the case at a meeting Monday.

Yale police aim gun at NYT columnist’s son, turn spotlight on racial profiling on campus PBS: The debate over racial profiling — already a hot topic on many college campuses — gained renewed attention this weekend when Yale University police briefly detained a black male student Saturday evening.

Student ‘Body Slams’ Teacher Who Took Cell Phone (VIDEO) HuffPost: In the video, the 16-year-old suspect goes ballistic when his teacher confiscates his phone. The student appears to wrap his arms around the teacher and knocks him into an empty desk. The student then wrestles with the teacher before slamming him to the floor.

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