Cold Weather Can't Stop City/Union Politics

Cold Weather Can't Stop City/Union Politics

It’s still super cold, and CPS is still closed. But that isn’t stopping pro-Rahm folks from sending out mailers criticizing progressive candidates or CTU’s executive board from endorsing some (but not all) candidates against Rahm allies. It’s not always clear who CTU will endorse, as Bob Fioretti (passed over in favor of Chuy Garcia) well knows. According to Second City Teacher, leadership and the delegates may differ on whether to endorse CTU members who are running in response to Karen Lewis’s many appeals. Last but not least, an update on Thirty Million Words from the Hechinger Report.


Chicago Public Schools cancels classes for Thursday due to extreme cold and …
The Gate News: “Our top priority remains the safety of our students, and tomorrow’s weather conditions could again be dangerous to students traveling to and from school,” said CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett. See also DNA InfoRedEyeSun-Times, Tribune (Toughen up kids: Cold is a lousy excuse to close schools).

For some schools Wednesday, it was business — and class — as usual WGN: For some students, it was just another day. Some area schools remained open despite the dangerous weather, and many students chose to attend for various reasons — including not having to make the day up at the end of the year. It also helped out some parents, who had the capacity to bring their children to school.

Brutal Cold Forces Schools Throughout Midwest to Close NYT: Even Chicago, which prides itself on toughing out fierce winters, told students to stay home as wind chills were predicted to hit 27 degrees below zero. See also AP.


HOD Postponed Second City Teacher: The CTU executive board passed the resolution against the PARCC exam, according to a tweet from CTU delegate and exec member Sarah Chambers. Most likely the HOD delegates will vote to pass the resolution at next week’s meeting. The delegates will also have to vote on more aldermanic candidate endorsements. Teacher activists Tammie Vinson and Ed Hershey are both running for aldermen and looking still to get the CTU endorsement. Sources say the CTU leadership is looking to endorse Byron Sigcho, a member of the Pilsen Alliance, rather than Hershey. If so, expect a lively debate on the floor questioning the wisdom of neglecting to endorse CTU member candidates. Teachers Timothy Meegan, Sue Garza and Dianne Daleiden have all been endorsed by the CTU for aldermen. CTU President Karen Lewis has made repeated pleas for teachers to run for political office.

Chicago Forward Takes Aim At Progressive Caucus Members Progress IL: One mailer from Chicago Forward, which also supports Emanuel-allied council members, takes aim at progressive Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd). The other mailer is in support of Ald. JoAnn Thompson (16th), who is facing a challenge from Progressive Reform Caucus member Toni Foulkes (15th).


How do you make a baby smart? Word by word, a Chicago project says Hechinger Report: This winter, Thirty Million Words is embarking on a major longitudinal study of a home visiting program that teaches communication skills to parents of slightly older babies. Children will be trailed from approximately 15 months old through at least kindergarten.


Deep Freeze Sticks Around As Some Schools Remain Closed WAMU: Many districts in Virginia and Maryland took no chances with the roads today. See also HuffPost.

Report gives CA low marks on preschool EdSource Today: California ranks well above other states in preschool and kindergarten enrollment, but still ranks 45th overall in its efforts to support the education of its youngest children, according to a report by Education Week released today. See also KPCCEdWeek.

Study Finds Reading to Children of All Ages Grooms Them to Read More on Their Own NYT: A study by Scholastic points to ways that parents can encourage kids to read for fun.


Students Thrilled About End to Cell Phone Ban? Not Necessarily. WNYC: For the New York City students who admit to little self control, allowing cell phones in high school spells trouble. They’d rather not have daytime access to their tempting screens. See also ChalkbeatNY.

Class sizes, teacher salaries and per-student spending: How D.C.-area schools stack up Washington Post:  Arlington Public Schools will outspend its counterparts in the Washington suburbs by at least $1,500 per student this year, with per-student spending above $19,000, and Prince William County schools have the largest class sizes in the region.

Seattle schools signs its 5th chief in 10 years to contract Seattle Times: In an agreement approved Wednesday that is similar to earlier superintendent contracts, Seattle schools chief Larry Nyland will make $276,000 a year through at least June 2017, with benefits worth up to about $65,000.


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