Let's Talk About Shedd, Dyett, & Kelvyn Park

Let's Talk About Shedd, Dyett, & Kelvyn Park

Happy Friday. Today’s school news includes stories about the charter school given final approval for Austin, the Board’s refusal to let someone buy now-empty Shedd, and a fascinating Catalyst map of where the Level 1 schools are (where the white kids are). Also, Dyett supporters are trying to get the RFP halted, and a CPS teacher was on WBEZ’s StoryCorps, and there’s tons of money in the Mayoral race. Elsewhere, NYC made a last-minute move to give charter schools more space to expand next year, and the Obama administration rolled out some of its ideas about rating colleges. 

School ratings by race Catalyst: Nearly all the schools with significant white populations are rated either 1-plus or 1. Meanwhile, all of the lowest rated schools, except for Kelvyn Park High School, which has a mostly Latino population, are more than two-thirds black.

New Charter School Officially Approved for Austin DNAinfo: The Chicago Board of Education approved a new charter school for Austin at a meeting Wednesday. Moving Everest Charter School will serve about 810 kindergarten through eighth-grade students and will be located at 416 N. Laramie Ave.

Dyett supporters ask for RFP to be halted Catalyst: The RFP for Dyett, as well as for other new schools to open in Fall 2016, is supposed to be released some time this month. CPS officials said that this year they are not considering proposals to open any new schools in Fall 2015, a move that many assume is political given that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is running for re-election and new schools are controversial.

Residents Rip CPS’ Rejection of Private School’s Offer To Buy Vacant School DNA Info: Roseland Heights residents hoping to see Rescue Missionary Christian School, currently in Chatham, were disappointed to learn Wednesday that CPS decided to reopen the bidding for the vacant building that was once home to John G. Shedd Elementary School at 200 E. 99th St.

Bilingual pre-school teacher describes the state of education in Chicago WBEZ: Romano pushes all her students to learn English and Spanish. In her classroom, they say their ABCs in both languages. Sometimes, though, parents are oblivious to what’s going on – good or bad – in the classroom.

In the mayoral money race, the rich—that is, Rahm—gets richer Chicago Reader: That follows $52,600 donations from each of those unions in November and $16,000 from the campaign account of CTU president Karen Lewis. Along with $250,000 Garcia received earlier this month from SEIU Healthcare, the contributions have brought his …

Chicagoans Hold Vigil For Victims Of Violence, Challenge Strong Police Presence ProgressIL: About 200 Chicagoans held a downtown vigil Wednesday night for victims of violence and alleged police brutality in the city. The event, organized by the Chicago Light Brigade and held near Congress Parkway and Michigan Avenue, featured 432 white paper lanterns shaped like lilies to symbolize each person who died a violent death in the city this year. Sixteen additional colored lanterns represented the number of peopleknown to have been killed by Chicago police, according to organizers.

Chicago red light cameras provide few safety benefits Tribune: Chicago’s red light cameras fail to deliver the dramatic safety benefits long claimed by City Hall, according to a first-ever scientific study that found the nation’s largest camera program is responsible for increasing some types of injury crashes while decreasing others.

14 CPS Students Surprised With New Laptops CBS Local: Former Bears lineman James “Big Cat” Williams surprised several Chicago PublicSchools students with new laptop computers, after they won a program designed to help them with getting into college.


Success Charter Schools Secure More City Space WNYC: The Department of Education agreed on Thursday to give more space to the city’s largest charter school network, Success Academy. The backroom deal came a day after Success founder Eva Moskowitz released a letter from anxious parents and just hours before she was scheduled to stage a press conference outside City Hall. See also ChalkbeatNY.

Cuomo Letter Outlines ‘Aggressive’ Education Plans, Seeks Input from State Leaders WNYC: Gov. Signed by State Operations Director Jim Malatras, the letter noted that just about one third of elementary and middle school students were proficient on this year’s state exams, which it called “unacceptable.” It then asked Tisch and King how the new teacher evaluation system can be “credible” when just 1 percent of teachers get the lowest ratings.

New York City Continues Modest Climb in High School Graduation Rates WNYC: The data covers the first group of students who started high school after the Common Core learning standards were implemented statewide and graduated in June of this year. Stateside, the on-time graduation rate was 76.4 percent, a gain of 1.5 points and smaller increase than what was posted in New York City. Education Commissioner John King said the data revealed consistent but bumpy progress.


Details On The Administration’s New College Ratings System NPR: Today the Education Department released long-awaited details on a plan to hold colleges accountable for their performance on several key indicators, and officials said they’ll be seeking public comment on the proposals through February. Washington Post NYTNPR again.

Common Core, Non-Common Core States Face Similar Challenges, GAO Says PK12: For instance, states in both camps are giving teachers professional development to implement the standards, but they’re worried the training isn’t high-quality. And all states with new standards are developing new instructional materials that are supposed to match them—but that can be time- consuming, and there isn’t always as much alignment as states were hoping for. It can also be pretty tricky to communicate with parents and the public about the standards, states told the GAO, which is considered Congress’ investigative arm.



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  • Here's the chance to make a difference at Prosser Career Academy High School. Their principal position is vacant, here's how to apply (make sure you apply by December 26, 2014):

    Click on "December 17 - Revised 1 - Principal Openings" of the link (below) and then, go to pg. 12.


  • If CPS is part f the process for principal selection you can expect nothing but garbage choices.

  • The fix is in at Prosser, AGAIN, for the principal position as their LSC and CPS didn't make this position available right away on the December 17th principal vacancies. The listing was put up on the revised principal position listing yesterday to avoid anyone besides their 'handpicked' candidate to know about and apply for the position. But, by law, the position had to be put up for public notice. The three most likely candidates for the principal position at Prosser are their current APs:

    Dr. Karlen Lusbourgh
    Dr. Mark Schall
    Mrs. Patricia Harper Reynolds

    One problem the Prosser LSC has yet to explore is if one of their LSC members, Tim Czarnecki-Community Representative, is living within their boundaries to be on the LSC.

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    I truly hate the rating has been made upon race. Why skin color still matter that much? They are just children? And it is our mistake that we haven’t thought them that everyone should be treated equally and everyone has to be given another chance. I realize that kids are cruel, but both white and black. Besides, why don’t we make a rating for teachers and school administration, as they are also responsible for whether students write or buy essay online and other staff. Why do we always evaluate kids only?

  • There's no fix in for the principal at Prosser. You're paranoid and probably have an ax to grind. There's just nobody left working in the Principal Talent Office so it might take an extra day or two to get things posted. I heard that everyone quit after they let Catherine Sugrue become a principal in spite of failing the process.

  • The fix IS in at Prosser.

    # 1; The principal application deadline for the position is Dec. 26, 2014, so, Sugrue couldn't have been hired to lead Prosser as yet.

    # 2: The zip code given for the address of Prosser was 60660, it's really 60639, so, applications would never make it their by Dec. 26, 2014 if someone sent their application with the 60660 zip code.

    CPS Leaders Dept. was informed today of the wrong zip code and oddly enough, the zip code can't be changed on the job posting until Monday, Dec. 29, 2014 ( 3 days after the application deadline). The person responsible for the changes is out of the office until Monday.

  • Catherine Sugrue was named the principal at Gray Elementary despite failing the eligibility process. Her brother is Ald. Patrick O'Connor. Sugrue isn't going to be Prosser's new principal.


  • The Prosser connection to Ald. O'Connor is Timothy Czarnecki, Czarnecki is on Prosser's LSC as a Community Representative. But, his residency within Prosser's LSC boundaries is in question as he lives within the LSC boundaries of Foreman High School and Barry Elementary:


  • Poles rules!

  • If you know Tim Czarnecki, it's not "Poles rules!" with him. It's Poles' poles rule with him. (If you know what I mean.)

  • Happy Hannukah.

  • Tim is a good guy.

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