More Subs -- Plus Fioretti/Lewis Alliance?

More Subs -- Plus Fioretti/Lewis Alliance?

Welcome back — happy Monday.  Today’s news includes increased use of substitute teachers, a slew of stories about Lewis/Fioretti/Emanuel (and the school formerly known as Obama High).  Late night host Jimmy Fallon is coming to Chicago because of CPS students’ reading scores (didn’t know that). Plus national news, and other cities’ news, and weekend comments about Winckler’s depature and all sorts of other things commenters like to comment about. Image via Mean Girls (I think).



Tribune analysis: State school districts relying more on substitute teachers Chicago Tribune: CPS subs are covered under the Chicago Teachers Union contract, said CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey. Substitutes are paid based on factors outlined in the union contract and can claim at least partial benefits, including health care, Sharkey said.

Portage Park Elementary Got So Hot That Crayons Melted, Parents Say DNAinfo: In August, Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett celebrated the completion of $20 million worth of work that installed air conditioning in 57 schools, the first phase of a multi-year plan to provide air conditioning in every CPS…


Look for a Fioretti & Lewis tango Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis is seriously mulling a run. If Chicago voters really want to divorce the mayor, a Lewis/ Fioretti union could be a marriage made in heaven.

Are Chicago — and Rahm Emanuel — Ready for Karen Lewis? OZY: The woman who, as president of the Chicago Teachers Union, had the cajones to take on Mayor Rahm Emanuel — almost universally regarded as the biggest SOB in American politics — and won.

What the Obama School Name Change Means For the Mayor’s Political  NBC Chicago: Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett signed off on the idea months ago, unveiling splashy plans to open Barack Obama College Preparatory High School, a $60 million top-tier institution near Skinner North Classical School.


Chicago has 53% Literacy Rate, 2 Schools Named After Obamas FrontPage Magazine:
As part of a realignment of district schools, which took effect with the start of this school year, the former Beacon Hill school has been renamed the Barack Obama School of Leadership and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, the district said

Duly Noted: Jimmy Fallon on his way to Chicago, but we don’t know when Chicago Business Journal: Host of NBC’s “Tonight Show” Jimmy Fallon said he would tape an episode of his show in Chicago to pay off a bet with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Chicago Public Schools students’ reading.


CPS hiding records from the BGA and you Chicago Sun-Times: So it’s worth noting the disconnect and, yes, even hypocrisy, in Chicago’s public schools, where officials regularly and blatantly ignore legal requirements, including state law, when it comes to complying with document requests filed under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

Mckenzie Phlipot’s Family, Friends Criticize CPS Probe of Her Suicide DNAinfo: Travis Phlipot, Mckenzie’s father, clarified his remarks to say that Chicago Public Schoolshad contacted him and the girl’s mother in its investigation of Mckenzie’s suicide, but they declined to participate.


Duncan criticizes Jindal The Times-Picayune: Jindal announced late last month that he would sue Duncan and the U.S. Department of Education directly over the Common Core academic standards. The lawsuit followed an initial loss for the governor in state court over the use of a Common Core test

Officials optimistic about spring assessments EdSource Today: Last spring more than 3 million students in California, the largest number ever to take an online test in the state, took field tests of new assessments aligned to the Common Core state standards without major technical breakdowns or system crashes, according to state officials. See also: Scores on exit exam hold steady.

TX Education Board Members Question Teacher Prep Requirements Texas Tribune: The three SBOE members, all Republicans, who backed the veto said they hoped it would persuade the board of educator certification to reconsider an August decision against raising the required GPA — from 2.5 to 2.75 —for admission to educator preparation programs. The full SBOE will take up the recommendation Friday.

Experts: Science class can dazzle with less danger AP: Educators say a surprising number of school science teachers don’t have the required training to handle hazardous chemicals and don’t know about standard safety measures….

AmeriCorps volunteers play a big role in D.C. schools WashPost: The $665 million federal program helps fund corps members in 1,500 organizations around the country. In the District, about 800 AmeriCorps volunteers are working in public schools — both traditional and charter — and in community organizations that support education.

Debate: Should Schools Embrace The Common Core? NPR: The Common Core has arguably become the most contentious issue in American education. Experts face off over the new state standards in the latest Intelligence Squared debate.


Harmony Project Offers More Than Just Music In LA NPR: With public schools across the country cutting music instruction to save money, the Harmony Project in Los Angeles is trying to make up the difference. The nonprofit offers free music lessons to kids.

Nine People, One Bedroom: A Teen’s Take on Life In Poverty WNYC: Jairo Gomez never thought he was poor, even though he was one of seven kids and his family lived in a one-bedroom apartment.

Race and education: Henry Louis Gates to headline UPS conference Seattle Times: Among many hot-button issues in higher education, few reach the stratospheric temperatures of affirmative action, though one of the country’s most celebrated educators comfortably counts himself a beneficiary of quota politics.

Calif. School District Will Get Rid Of Controversial Armored Vehicle NPR: San Diego officials had said the 18-ton MRAP would be used only as a rescue vehicle, in extreme circumstances — but that didn’t satisfy the plan’s critics.

New Jersey Teacher Is Charged With Sexual Assault of 5 Students AP: Nicole Dufault, a teacher at Columbia High School in Maplewood, who was arrested this week for having sex with three students, is charged with sexually assaulting two more students.


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  • Jimmy Fallon returning to Chicago because CPS kids read lots of books - Chicago Tribune

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Emanuel is exploiting children again for political gain, but the math just doesn't add up. According to the article 83,000 kids read 2.7 million books over the summer? That is 32.5 books over the summer, or 3 books a week for each kid. Give me a break, he is lying as usual.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    The numbers do work. My kids did the summer reading program at our chicago public library every summer when they were younger. 3 books a day or many more is possible with kid books. With the library program, as kids move to chapter books, they are not required to read as many as the younger kids. It is a fantastic program for kids and supports reading at an early age It also encourages parent participation in reading to young children. You can continue to be a negative nelly about it, but I think it is great that the mayor supports early reading. Why not celebrate and motivate kids? Why not support our Chicago Public Library summer program?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I'm sure your children are superior readers, but Emanuel's claim is dubious at best. After looking at the Rahm's Readers website it is targeted for children over 5, so board books don't count. Given his timeline, children would have to read at least 4 books a week. Only the most motivated 4th grade book worm is going to keep up with that pace. Heck, Goosebumps are over 100 pages.

    Strangely, he only claimed 100,000 for his special little kid program. My toddler gets 14 books read to him a week- he should have rigged this number instead.

    He has to show growth and exceed expectations and of course he does so with ease and announces it on network TV. Compare his astronomical claim to King Richy's paltry (yet probably phony as well) 2008 totals which included kids as young as 3 and I think we have evidence that Emanuel is cooking the books.

    Face it, Rahm's Readers is nothing more than a cheap PR stunt for the mayor that takes credit from the very libraries and schools that he attempted to sabotage.

    Boy, this was quite an investigation. Now to truly get to the bottom of this I'm going to have to contact the IG and file FOIA requests... or I could just forget about it. Nobody in Chicago watches Jimmy Fallon, and besides nobody in Chicago believes a word that comes out of Emanuel's mouth.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    By the way, I support early literacy, schools, libraries, and parent participation- things that the mayor only supports when there is a tv camera in front of him. What I don't support is the mayor, whose actions show great disdain for the children of Chicago. He is using our children as props for his reelection campaign. He has politicized reading. Stay out of it and let the librarians take a victory lap for once.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    When i was working on my masters in school librarianship a required class was early childhood literature "kiddy lit"..We all thought it would be a blow off easy class: wrong.Our professor was Frank Butler,who had 25 signed articles in the World Book Encyclopedia and was an international expert in the field.We had to read and paraphrase 100
    books in 10 weeks.God help anyone who tried to fudge the assignment Frank knew them all by heart.
    Some books were small and quite easy to digest,others like Across Five Aprils were over 300 pages.Did Rahm lie about the numbers?
    Probably not,I know kids who have devoured 15 books a week and came back for more.Three books a week is not impossible.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    I’m sure you’ve met some 15 book a week book worms in your time, but do you really think that 1 in 5 Chicago kids checked out and read an average of 32 books this summer? 3 books a week is possible, but you know better than anybody, 1 out of 5 Chicago kids is not checking out and reading 3 books a week. Emanuel claimed 83,000 kids were involved. That is roughly 20% of the children aged 5-18 in the city involved in what amounts to a PR campaign for an incredibly unpopular mayor. Face reality, 90% are on the smart phones for most of the day, not cracking open books.

    Given Emanuel’s claim of 2,700,000 books and the fact that there are only 80 libraries, 76 of which are only open 8 hours a day 6 days a week, each library would have to average approximately 700 books checked out to children signed up for Rahm’s Readers every day. If you’ve spent any amount of time in a typical neighborhood library with your children you know this isn’t happening.

    2,700,000 books stacked up would equal the height 0f 50 Sears Towers. C'mon, Rahm's lying as usual and using our children to do it.

    Librarians are incredibly important and do great work for the children of this city. Emanuel has shown great disdain for them, lies about a program for children, and steals credit from librarians.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I was talking theoretical possibility,you are speaking factual,however,
    outsourced,facts.Facts usually trounce theory,you could be correct.

  • What is the value of understanding public opinion about teaching? - NJ @fawnjohnson namechecks @WhiteRhinoRay

  • Lexington Institute » Teach for America a Strong Bet to Improve Chicago Student Achievement

  • Sub pay is really the only thing covered under the Chicago Teachers Union contract and by the CTU. The CTU does an extremely poor job of protecting subs and subs could be out of a job tomorrow because of the CTU's lack of support. And, Sub Center is as bad as the CTU in protecting subs.

    Plus, schools don't have to tell subs why they aren't called back to work and schools don't give subs any feedback to correct any wrongs, eve if you worked for years at the school. And, forget about it if you're a sub and you cross a female 'bully' teacher in any way, you're gone and the schools and bully teachers don't care if you need to pay your bills.

    If you think I'm lying or BS-ing you, check out this article:


    No Action 105
    Written Reprimand 74
    1st Warning 3
    3rd Warning 1
    Resignation in lieu of discipline/DNH 14
    Termination/DNH 256
    Total 453

  • CTU does an extremely poor job everyday..they just need your money.
    Teachers lost all benefits ...nothing left.

  • Jimmy Fallan?

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