Safe Travels, Safe Weekend

Safe Travels, Safe Weekend

I’m off for a couple of days — as are you, perhaps, if you’re not getting ready for the first day of class.  Have a fun and safe weekend.  See you in September.


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  • Kudos to the principals who have already posted on Aesop for substitutes for the first month of school. The majority of these sub requests are for vacancies. While the principal is interviewing etc at least the children will be able to have the same sub for the month instead of a different sub everyday. It is difficult for children when they have a different sub everyday and it is very difficult for those children with disabilities. I think posting for long tern sub assignments a great idea.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Well this is the final f--k.
    Seems my sub status has been cancelled as of aug 23.
    Seems i did not work the last 90 days.With keen anticipation
    i read your post and went to Aesop to see whats available.
    I could not log in, went to the Board E-mail same thing.
    Two phone calls and 3 hours later I finally found out i would
    have to re-reply, and spend over a hundred bucks,for fingerprints
    background checks ect..What really burns me up is the fact
    that twice Aesop,the new sub center,cancelled two jobs at the
    last minute last year.I had the sub job for two schools and they were just cancelled for no reason.So to hell with the board,they can kiss
    my ass if they think i am going to beg for a job in there shit hole schools.Over and out.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Why do you want to work as a sub ,anyway?
    They treat you as a shit and there is no serious money.
    So why you are selling out your dignity?
    You can always work out of the District 299 as a full timer.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    People want to sub because the pay is now $166 per day. The 90 day rule is well known, just like the rule that retired teachers can only sub 100 days per year without it eating into their pension. Sounds like someone didn't read their paperwork. Its a stupid rule, of course, but CPS isn't known for their smart policies.

  • In reply to teacherparent:

    Sub pay this year is 156.00 and the 90 day rule is not well known.

    The 100 day rule for retired teachers is well known because the pension board is competent and sends out paperwork/emails with the forms to sign each year. The pension board makes sure every retiree knows the risk of returning to work in CPS.

    I tried to find the 90 day rule on the board's web site last year. I searched everywhere. I finally and to call HR and after five conversations finally found a woman who said that the ninety day rule was "school days" only. The summer is not counted. I asked her where I could find this in writing she said she had never seen it in writing..... I sub at the school In retired from so I can see my former students, parents and co-workers. I enjoy subbing and do it twice a month and love the feeling of leaving the school without carrying home hours of work. I would imagine that this is why most retirees sub in CPS. I do know teachers who sub in the suburbs because "it is so much easier"

  • In reply to teacherparent:

    Well I tried.
    Twice last year I had two sub jobs confirmed.In both cases they just
    disappeared from Aesop.No email, no notice of any kind.
    My adventures as a sub were mixed anyhow.I loved Gage Park.
    beautiful old building nice kids and a few staff members i taught at Simeon.I subbed at one selective enrollment school which was not very selective.Kids are kids but the staff was crazy.They were running
    around like chickens with their heads cut off,the kids just laughed
    at them.This almost new school didn't even let the kids use the library
    during lunch. Kennedy was very nice,but it was built all wrong.Bogan
    was well, nfg asked me why i checked every students ID
    at the door.When I turned away three cutters she just wondered off.
    Other schools were about what i expected.Since it took me over a year and a couple of hundred dollars to become a sub in the first place i was a little hot yesterday, when I blogged.
    I am not going to do that all over again.At least now i can concentrate
    on other pursuits.

  • In reply to teacherparent:

    Do you think that the $156 per day is a serious money?
    The treatment by superiors and low status in the staff/kids eyes does not justify the small amount you can receive.
    How much is it assuming that you work 100 days a year?
    156x 100= 15 600.After taxes you make about 10K per year.
    Excuse me.Teachers have a retirement pay average 3.5 K per month.
    Quality v quantity of life or just simple greed?

  • Wow! Sorry to hear this...maybe this is why CPS is so short of subs.
    You think they would have informed you of this rule.
    Ninety days seems short especially given that some retirees go south for the winter.

  • I was really mad about the two jobs Aesop cancelled on me
    at the last minute I did sub last year but guess i forgot to count
    I cannot even find out if it is 90 school days.

  • If you really want to get upset about subbing and the way CPS handles it now, here's one for you:

    If you work only as a CPS after-school driver ed. instructor, you're automatically kept in the system and you don't have to sub or teach at all within 90 days to be active in the system anymore. Before, to be able work CPS driver education, you had to sub or teach to remain in the system. Why does this matter??? It's because you can teach in a catholic or another private school or even work in another district teaching and you can teach after school driver ed. for CPS.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Drivers Ed and something called a Playground Instructor
    were always very clout heavy.I think the Playground Instructors
    got chopped by Vallas.

  • Thanks.It is very interesting.

  • There is another way to make bucks doing nothing.
    One of the African American field reps,totally useless, will be able to collect about 200K in year in pension.
    Do you know that in addition to regular pension they have annuities paid by members.
    Think about the rtw legislation and stop extortion in the City of Chicago.

  • Yes, Driver Ed. and Phys. Ed. have always been for the clout heavy and it still is, even for Phys. Ed. teachers who aren't certified to teach Driver Ed.. The IL HS Driver Ed. Assn. has been reaching out to CPS school officials and letting know high school Phys. Ed. teachers need their full Driver Ed. endorsement to teach the classroom portion of Driver Ed. during the school, but, CPS turns a blind eye to it.

    Just recently, hundreds of CPS Phys ed. teachers were forced to get their water safety Instructor certificates. This had been a requirement for many years, but CPS didn't check Phys Ed. teachers for it. some Phys. ed. teachers have been teaching 25 or more years without this requirement

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