Little League Kids Mostly Attend Magnets, Charters

Little League Kids Mostly Attend Magnets, Charters

Karen Lewis’ media tour continues. PURE’s Julie Woestehoff has moved on.  Jackie Robinson West kids mostly attend magnet and charter schools. South and West Side violence has deep effects on those who experience the trauma. CPS won’t delay high school start times despite what pediatricians say. The Tribune finds some of Urban Prep’s grads but can’t find out how well the class of 2010 has done. Five rounds of testing in a suburban kindergarten is too much, says a teacher. Also — how’s it going for charter school teachers and parents so far?


Undermining Kindergarten, One Test at a Time Sun Times:  In a Chicago suburb, the youngest students take five rounds of standardized tests.

Pediatricians’ warning won’t force CPS to push back start times Chicago Sun-Times:  joked with Barbara [Byrd-Bennett] the other day — I joked with my wife, Amy, also —that we’re gonna start the school day a little later. I would like the mayor’s day to start a little later, too. We’re gonna tie the two together.


Karen Lewis visits to talk with local residents The Beverly Review:  Teachers Union President Karen Lewis talks with former television anchorman and political reporter Walter Jacobson during a “Conservations with Karen” event held at the Beverly Woods Restaurant on Aug. 19.

Can Karen Lewis guard the henhouse? Chicago Sun-Times: Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, is clearly preparing to run for mayor of Chicago — filing the necessary forms with the State Board of Elections, circulating petitions to get on the ballot and meeting with community groups


Moving on PURE Parents: After nearly 25 years with PURE, I have left Chicago and moved to Wyoming (yes, you read that right!) with my husband Larry.

Chicago’s Little League Champs Return as Heroes ABC News: Of the Jackie Robinson West players who attend Chicago public schools, most attend magnet and charter schools.


Youth seek solutions as Chicago’s violent summer persists PBS NewsHour:  Nine-year-old Antonio Smith was fatally shot at least four times in a South Side backyard just blocks away from his home, according to the Chicago Tribune.  This real-time map, created by Chicago-Sun Times before the the summer began, pinpoints and identifies every shooting recorded during each weekend, the most violent period of time.

In Chicago’s War Zones, the Tragedy Extends Beyond the Kids Who Die Reader: Violence in the city’s neighborhoods leaves behind PTSD and “toxic stress”—which can create more violence in its wake.


Calls grow for wider inquiry into bidding on L.A. Unified iPad project LA Times: A day after Los Angeles Unified abruptly suspended the contract for its controversial iPad project, there were growing calls for a more thorough investigation into whether the bidding process for the $1-billion program was improperly handled.

The LA School iPad Scandal: What You Need To Know KPCC: The Los Angeles Unified School District has shut down a half-a-billion-dollar deal with Apple and Pearson to provide classroom technology. Here’s what happened.

Despite Racial Disparity, Alumni Group Backs Test-Only Policy for Elite Schools NYT: Very few black and Hispanic students attend New York City’s eight specialized high schools, which base admissions solely on the results of a standardized test.


Primary Round-Up: Races Across the Country Showcase Education Issues EdWeek: High-profile governor and state education chief races in Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, and Vermont highlight the common core and education funding as top campaign issues.

Teaching computer science — without touching a computer Hechinger:  It may not look like it, but the children engaged in these exercises are learning computer science. In the first activity, they’ve turned themselves into a sorting network: a strategy computers use to sort random numbers into order. And in the second activity, they’re acting out the process by which computer networks route information to its intended destination.


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  • oh yeah, and there's a board meeting -- sun times' @bylaurenfitz is livetweeting

  • Web series about struggles getting into "good" schools will air on local WTTW11 starting 9/6 - or watch now

  • 25 High Schools "Doing the Most With the Least" - includes Noble Street - The Daily Beast

  • Interesting article but I did note that of the 25 Best High Schools in the Midwest only one was a charter.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    The traditional schools on the list are magnets.

    #4 Noble is the equivalent of the fifth largest school district in Illinois, while the other 24 "Best" are individual schools.

    Nothing of interest here for Chicago, according to Karen Lewis.

  • Why is Noble always listed as a district? Why don't they break it down by individual school? Something fishy right there.

    I think Karen would point out that Noble St. more than any other charter school has used applications, contracts, discipline, fines, mandatory meetings, and "counseling out" as a way to weed out only but the most compliant students and families. Noble St. is masterful at juking the system in their favor. If you can only educate the most-compliant kids you aren't an educator.

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