Board Changes School Ratings

Board Changes School Ratings

Today’s education news: The Board changed the way schools will be ranked – a little.  The union called for universal full-day preschool.  Ted Oppenheimer emerged as the first donor to Karen Lewis’ campaign.Vallas warns against Rauner budget cuts. Emanuel’s super PAC supports friendly aldermen.

Chicago Board of Education changes how it ranks schools Chicago Sun-Times: Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett did not present or discuss the changes or their implications at August’s monthly meeting, which for once, was sparsely attended. Rather, she championed myriad improvements CPS has seen since 2010, the year before …

School rating system gets tweaked Catalyst: Under the revised policy, schools will get two ratings: one based on the SQRP and one based solely on test scores. The higher of the two ratings would be their official rank in the district’s 5-tier system.

Teachers Union calls for full-day universal preschool WLS-TV: Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett responded to the unions call, saying, “Since he took office, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has committed to providing families in every neighborhood with access to early childhood education programs.

Karen Lewis’ first mayoral campaign donor has education ties Chicago Sun-Times: The head of a not-for-profit organization that awards grants to Chicago public school teachers is the first contributor to Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis’ potential mayoral campaign.

Vallas Warns Of ‘Devastating’ School Budget Cuts Under Rauner Chicagoist: That includes an $882 million loss in revenue to Chicago Public Schools, the largest public school system in Illinois. Vallas called the projected revenue loss “devastating” and could result in one out of every six public school teachers being laid off.

Emanuel super PAC makes first move to elect friendlier aldermen Chicago Sun-Times: The second and third questions cut to the chase of education issues that could dominate the mayoral campaign, particularly if Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis decides to challenge Emanuel.


Campbell Brown teacher tenure lawsuit likely to combine with NY group’s case Washington Post: Lawyers in New York working with former CNN anchor Campbell Brown on a legal challenge of teacher tenure have agreed to consolidate their case with an earlier complaint filed by a group of public school parents that also seeks to change job protections for teachers.

School Districts Praise Ed. Secretary for Recognizing Over-Reliance on Testing District Dossier: The Large Countywide and Suburban District Consortium, which represents 16 districts across the country, applauded Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s recent statement that there is too much focus on standardized testing in the nation’s schools.

Arne Duncan to Head South for Annual Back-to-School Bus Tour PK12: This year’s trip, scheduled for Monday, Sept. 8, to Wednesday, Sept. 10, will take the secretary and senior department officials to schools in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Head Start grantees flagged for quality concerns state-by-state Washington Post: So far, about 360 of the nation’s 1,700 Head Start grantees have been required to compete for new funds, according to government data.


Comptroller, NYC Mayor Face Off on Pre-K Readiness WNYC: He said the mayor’s office is late to submit contracts with pre-k providers for his approval — he’s reviewed 141 contracts, out of more than 500, or about 28 percent. Without the contracts, he said he can’t check for fraud and corruption and ensure classroom safety.


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  • After 5 years as Secretary of Education and 7 as CEO of CPS Arne Duncan finally admits there is too much testing. Wow. Talk about being late to the game. Nevertheless, that is a real "game changer." Sounds like the the president's #1 basketball buddy owes "white suburban moms" an apology.


    Close the charters and save lots of taxpayers' money!

  • Wouldn't it save more money to close the schools that operate under the CTU contract?

    I saw Karen Lewis on the news talking about "wonderful" Dyett. Odd how when a parent chooses a CTU school with an ACT of 13.9 it's "wonderful". Yet when a parent chooses Urban Prep, their ACT average of 17 becomes, in her words, a "dismal outcome".

  • In reply to Donn:

    Sure, Donn, because it was so successful in Detroit!

    Urban Prep cherry picks ( look at the sped/ell pop) its students, has more monies, and fines students for disciplinary infractions and is the media darling yet the ACT is "17" -something is very wrong with this picture. Why won't they release the college graduation data to the media?

  • In reply to Donn:

    Charters are a huge flop in NOLA.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Hey RahmUhDonn- What's up with your fairy tale story about your superstar daughter and her complaints of students celebrating Ramadan all night during the first week of school. The story was clearly phony.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Donn, Donn, Donn.... You have been preaching the greatness of charters because of their amazing growth scores for a long time, and now that there is proof that real schools have significantly better growth than charters, you redirect to achievement scores. I'm laughing here.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    So, why did neighborhood schools improve so much? Why was growth lower when CTU teachers felt they had guaranteed jobs?

  • Well Donn here we go again.Do you ever think before you write?

    "Wouldn't it save more money to close the schools that operate under the CTU contract?"

    Here is a partial list of the schools that fall in that category
    North Side Prep.
    Walter Payton
    Lincoln Park

    And about 40 high schools.Just close them

  • In reply to rbusch:

    That's an odd list. The top schools are fine with the CTU contract. Prosser will probably lose a lot of CTU jobs, unless Karen Lewis can get elected and save her buddies.

    Every family should have access to a high school where a CTU member would be willing to send her own child. Ironically, that is often not a CTU school.

  • Dear Don

    Would you kindly provide us with a list of school that meet your

  • Since we're on the topic of Prosser, here's the latest on their administration changes:

    Kenneth Hunter, Principal, still on LOA

    Linda Pierzchalski is still the Interim Principal and has been since the January, 2014.

    Dr. Karlen Lusbourgh is entering her 3rd year as Prosser AP

    Pamela De la Cruz, a handpicked AP by Hunter after he increased Prosser's enrollment to 1560 to warrant a 2d AP, is out as AP. Where she went, nobody knows for sure.

    Dela Cruz was replaced as AP by Dr. Mark Schall

    Here's some info on Schall:

    Since 2009, he's been AP at Reavis. he resigned honorably in Dec, 2013. Not sure what he was doing since.

    As of 2014-15, he has 28 1/2 yrs experience....

    2009-2013 : AP at Reavis

    2007-08 Principal at Tobin ES In Burbank

    2005-06 Principal at Liberty Jr. High in Burbank

    2004 AP at Proviso West doesn't mention what he was doing from 1999-2003, but, it listed as working in the Proviso West HS District

    I don't believe he would resign as an AP at Reavis to come to Prosser/CPS for less pay and a lateral move. IMO he may Prosser's next principal. And, he'll be named principal after Hunter officially resigns from his LOA when he runs out of sick days.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Ms.Pierzchalski is absolutely the best leader a school could ever have.


  • Ms. Pierzchalski came in and stopped a lot of nonsense which was going on over at Prosser, but, she confided "there's more things to take care of here (Prosser)." Some people would love to have Pierzchalski as the full-time principal at Prosser. Unfortunately, she's retired and just filling in until Hunter finally throws in the towel with one year left on his contract. Then, Schall and his lauded history of curriculum design will take over with Lusbourgh as his lone AP.

    One thing Pierzchalski did was force a retired Prosser teacher/aka one of Hunter's henchmen (Frank Cassello), who was working as teacher assistant, to quit. Cassello walked in one door to retire 10 years and ago, came out withis $80,000 yr. pension, and walked in another door to be handed the $35,000 yr.TA job with medical benefits by Hunter.

    And, Pierzchalski did the unthinkable to Cassello as she questioned him on what he actually does at Prosser. When Cassello couldn't give her an answer, she gave him work to do, and it ticked him off. So, he retired for good.

    Then, Pierzchalski got political hack Michael Klonsky out of the building. Klonsky, an admitted socialist and member of the 60's radical group the Weathermen, was hired by Hunter as freshman basketball coach. This was done so people wouldn't suspect Klonsky being in the building and he met up with Hunter to plot against David Vitale, BBB, and Rahm.

    Next, Pierzchalski chastised Hunter's secretary (Patricia Scott) for going on Facebook, shopping online, and selling her Avon during school hours and reprimanded her for her temper towards teachers and visitors to Prosser. Scott was transferred to another clerical duty at Prosser away from her position as principal's secretary in the main office she held for 12-15 yrs.

    Also, several Prosser teachers and staffers had inside deals with Hunter to do little or now work and pull in huge salaries, but, now those deals are coming to an end and Prosser will now go back to only educating the students. And, not be in the hands of people running their fiefdoms and making money off the students with little or no progress.

  • I told you so,best leader/principal I ever worked with.

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