Did You Feel Safe This Year?

Did You Feel Safe This Year?

So it was the safest year ever, according to CPS statistics — but CTU and others say that the numbers are off.  Who do you think is right?  Plus a new budget from CPS, and funding for Rahm’s new Super PAC. Also: I’m off tomorrow and part of next week.  Have a great (and safe) Fourth Of July Weekend.

CPS Has Safest Year Ever, Study Says; ‘Nothing to Celebrate:’ Critics DNAinfo: At its most heated, the debate found Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis calling Emanuel “the murder mayor.” CTU responded Wednesday with a statement saying there was a “disconnect” between the data and the “unhealthy climates and …

Emanuel, Holder laud CPS safety record Chicago Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel brought in Attorney General Eric Holder Wednesday to help make the case that Chicago Public Schools students were safer during the recent academic year than they were before Emanuel made the controversial decision to close …


Budget details still in short supply Catalyst: The Board of Education will vote on the budget at its July 23 meeting, but officials did not announce any dates for public hearings on it. Once the actual budget is released, it will become clearer which schools will experience budget cuts and which departments the district will invest in most heavily. The $5.76 billion budget is slightly higher than last year’s $5.69 billion budget.

CPS finds money to plug $800 million hole in 2015 budget Chicago Sun-Times: Pinning its problems on pension woes, Chicago Public Schools said it found yet another one-time solution to fill a vast deficit in its $5.76 billion 2015 budget, this time expanding the calendar year in which the district will collect property tax revenue. Barbara Byrd-Bennett, CPS CEO, said the district will count about $650 million of property tax revenue expected to be collected next August toward this fiscal year to plug the bulk of its $876.3 million deficit.

CPS issues $5.8 billion preliminary budget Chicago Tribune: Forced once again to cover a gaping deficit that this year approaches $900 million, Chicago Public Schools is using a one-time accounting adjustment to make ends meet in a $5.8 billion preliminary operating budget that was released Wednesday.

New Chicago schools budget relies on ‘one-time fix’ Crain’s Chicago Business: Chicago Public Schools today released a proposed fiscal 2015 budget that heavily relies on one-time revenues to pay for regular and some expanded programs, and that as previously promised appears to include no new school closures.


Could Rahm Lose to This Union Leader? Daily Beast: Karen Lewis, the fiery president of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), announced she was “seriously thinking” of running against Rahm Emanuel for mayor. With the city plagued by gun violence and cutbacks in vital services, Emanuel’s popularity has been …

Emanuel super PAC gets nearly $1 million in one day Clout Street: Some of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s biggest campaign donors dropped $950,000 in one day into a new super political action committee created to help back his run for re-election in 2015.


Gray Elementary Without Principal After Dispute Between CPS, LSC DNAinfo: CPS officials did not respond Tuesday to repeated requests for information about whether CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett and Anna Alvarado, the chief of elementary and high schools on the Northwest and Far Northwest sides, planned to appoint an acting …


LAUSD board agrees on testing alternative laptops LA Times: With minimal discussion, Los Angeles school officials this week authorized contracts for the purchase of six different laptop computers to determine which device and curriculum works best for high school students.

In New Orleans, a case study in how school, health care decentralization affect neediest children Hechinger:  In recent years, New Orleans has become a case study in how children and families are affected by rapid decentralization of public education and mental health systems.

Summer school enrollment falls sharply after city reduces role of state tests ChalkBeat: In his first six months in office, Mayor Bill de Blasio has had a nearly singular focus on providing needy students with expanded education services. But thousands fewer struggling students will be attending summer school this year after city officials changed the way students qualify for the program.

That ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ School Budget Prediction Was a Dud Voice of San Diego: At Superintendent Cindy Marten’s recent press conference, reporters seemed genuinely surprised that she could presenta balanced budget with some good news while filling a shortfall first estimated to be $106 million.


Common Core test anxiety Politico: Attempts to apply standards in different states spark a testing revolt across the country.

Teachers, postal workers weigh Staples boycott USA Today: Postal workers picket in front of a Staples store April 24, in Concord, N.H. Postal workers around the country protested in front of Staples stores, objecting to the U.S. Postal Service’s pilot program to open counters in stores.

Do Teachers Really Hate Common Core? From the Floor of ISTE 2014 EdSurge: Teachers can live with–or work through–the standards. But the biggest worry? It’s not the standards that are the problem–educators are feeling stifled by the testing.

Emerging Themes at NEA: ‘Toxic Testing’ and Union Threats TeacherBeat: The board of directors will propose a New Business Item calling for a campaign against “toxic testing.”

New Leadership at the Council of the Great City Schools District Dossier: An Oakland, Calif., school board member will be the new chairwoman of the Council of the Great City Schools’ board of directors.

The Senate’s Teacher-Prep Draft: What You Need to Know TeacherBeat: Your insider’s guide to the Senate’s draft bill reworking federal teacher-preparation requirements and grants.

The Return Of The One-Room Schoolhouse NPR: “Hyper-local micro-schools” bring the tiny school into the digital age.

Facing New Technologies in the Classroom, Teachers Seek Help Online Hechinger Report: As school districts across the U.S. increasingly adopt programs that put laptops and tablets in the hands of every student, teachers have expressed the need for proper training. And schools for their part are becoming more vigilant about making sure the digital transition is smooth and cost effective.


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  • Lane Tech's ' Lazy 11' PE Teacher Update:

    Apparently, Lane's administration is well aware of the 'Lazy 11' as they may be known as the 'Lazy 7' for the 2014-15 school year. There are four PE Teachers positions listed as vacant on the latest job search on the CPS website.

    Urgent need jobs:

    Regular Teacher (Physical Education-Hs,Physical Education-Hs) P013425
    North/Northwest Side-2501 West Addison Street (Albert G Lane Tech High School)
    Job Posting: Jun 26, 2014

    Regular Teacher (Physical Education-Hs,Physical Education-Hs) P013426
    North/Northwest Side-2501 West Addison Street (Albert G Lane Tech High School)
    Job Posting: Jun 26, 2014

    Regular Teacher (Physical Education-Hs,Physical Education-Hs) P013423
    North/Northwest Side-2501 West Addison Street (Albert G Lane Tech High School)
    Job Posting: Jun 26, 2014

    Regular Teacher (Physical Education-Hs,Physical Education-Hs) P013424
    North/Northwest Side-2501 West Addison Street (Albert G Lane Tech High School)
    Job Posting: Jun 26, 2014

  • In reply to district299reader:

    More P.E. teachers need to be hired at many schools because this coming fall all students 9-12 need to take P.E. This has not been the case for many years because of the state/CPS P.E. waiver. In (recent) prior years, only students in 11-12th grades were required to take P.E. The addition hires most likely have nothing to do with the current staff.

  • In reply to teachervoice:

    I guess it'll be 'lazy' business as usual for the 'Lazy 11' + four others at Lane then.

  • Major teachers union backs Quinn over Rauner - chicagotribune.com http://ow.ly/yK4nv

  • CPS late last night put its proposed FY15 budget on line. I have only just began to read it so I am going reserve comment for now.

    Rod Estvan

  • I am so curious about the amount of angry energy you are putting towards the PE teachers at Lane. Either you are another teacher at Lane, an Admin, or a parent. My guess is you are a parent of an athlete at Lane who is already getting free sports coaching for your child, but you are upset that the coach is not one of the PE teachers. I am also guessing that you went online to discover they are paid well, and make more money than you do.
    I'd like to offer some unsolicited advice. According to some, getting a teaching degree is easy. Working, ahem, "8-3" is easy. And CPS teachers are overpaid. Am I hitting it on the nail? Then, please, go get your MAT, it should be super easy for you and you can finish in what, 2 years or less? No biggie for really anyone. And go get a PE job in CPS. Oh, and please report back on how its going and how much coaching you are doing at your high school (probably not Lane, and likely a bad HS where they will eat you alive and you'll quit within a month or at the very least at the end of one year). Thanks and good luck.

  • In reply to teacherparent:

    I happened to be a teacher at another high school who has colleagues on Lane's faculty and I'm friends with some Lane parents and they tell me about the 'Lazy 11'. They laugh about what a joke it is that they're working their asses off and these 'Lazy 11' are doing nothing and have been for years. And, the biggest joke is how nearly all the 'Lazy 11' got out of coaching during the last principal's (Antoinette LoBosco) regime because she was to afraid to challenge them.

    Am I jealous? Hell, yes! I applied there 2-3 times and I would have coached there too. But, they only wanted me to coach and I feel it's important you give back and coach at the school which employs you, something the 'Lazy 11' doesn't do.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I find it very difficult to believe that Toni LoBosco was "afraid to challenge them". And, challenge them for what exactly? If they did what they were supposed to do during their scheduled clock time of 8-3:15 then they did their job. If they didn't do their job as outlined by CPS there were and are ways to deal with that situation.

    Sorry but it just sounds like sour grapes to me. If you were that good, I would have though you would have been hired one of three times you applied for a position there.

  • It's not a matter of sour grapes, it's a matter of hiring the most qualified, ethical people to work as teachers at your school, not the most connected or ones related to someone else at Lane who are in on educational scams. FYI: I didn't get hired because of those reasons, nothing else.

    "If they did what they were supposed to do during their scheduled clock time of 8-3:15 then they did their job. If they didn't do their job as outlined by CPS there were and are ways to deal with that situation."

    Things were loosey goosey at Lane for years. That's until the most recent Lane principal (Dr. Christopher Dignam) came in and started cleaning house, especially in the PE Department. Gone are the mob posters, couches, TVs, and video games from the Lane Men's PE Department (aka Boys Club) office and replaced with educational materials and other non-PE faculty members to keep an eye on them.

    Toni Lobosco wasn't running the show or making the final decisions on who works as PE teachers at Lane, it was Lane AD/football coach Rich Rio. Your girl Toni was afraid of him. Toni got the principal job after Lane's prior principal (Keith Foley) was caught having and admitted to having an affair with Lane's Dean of Students (Marilyn Anne Rice). And, Foley was investigated for recruiting Lane students to his church, among other things ( ex. Turkey Bowl football game gate receipts). Both infractions got Foley moved to Marshall High School as a mentoring principal, where he was responsible for having test scores lowerd by 12% and finally removed from there.

    What happened to Rice? Why Toni named her asst. principal under Foley's and Rio's directions. Unfortunately for her, Lane's new principal (Dignam) had no use for her and other people connected to Foley or Rio, and booted her and the others out of Lane, Rice is now on medical LOA for stress/ulcer.

    All of this is public record. You can find articles on Foley online about his move to Marshall and his recruitment of Lane students. And, you can info on the admitted affair in Rice's divorce documents on file at the Wheaton, IL courthouse.

    Under Lobosco, Foley, and Schlicting, Lane's students suffered from lazy and inept PE teachers who didn't want to coach after they got tenure and went through the motions, protected by Rio's clout. Or, if the did coach, they were problematic. PE teachers like Jeffrey Szukala, Pantelis Liatos, and Frank Lollino, Jr.

    Do you know the stories behind these three? One (Szukala, son of former Lane PE/DE teacher and baseball coach Gerald Szukala), was let go because he had a big mouth, was going against the group (Foley and Rio led) running the show at Lane, got a couple DUIs, and was caught violating the CPS residency policy. You can find his CPS warning resolutions and DUIs online if you look for them.

    The second (Lollino) was let go for inappropriate conduct with students, telling students he only plays 'Naked Twister' and other vile things, and recruitment of players. Also, he received a lifetime coaching ban from CPS. You can find a ton of online links to him and his nonsense, including his CPS warning resolutions.

    And, the last guy (Liatos) was let go for not doing any lesson plans, instructing his class, and not keeping track of his students. Then, Liatos was found to be having a Lane student do his lesson plans. You can find his CPS warning resolution online.

    So, before you blindly start protecting someone like Toni know your facts.

    BTW: Did you know your girl Toni Lobosco is banned from working ever again for CPS due to her part in no-bid, vendor contracts with a Lane alum (Tony Chronis)? Check this out on online at www.DNAInfo.com/Chicago and in the 2014 CPS Inspector General's report.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Dear D299r

    Are you or were you a teacher at Prosser?

  • In reply to rbusch:

    No, I'm way further southeast from Prosser. I'd rather not say where though.

    Why do you ask?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Just wondering

  • Here's the link to the Lane 'no-bid' vendor contract involving Toni Lobosco and you'll be able to click on the 2014 CPS Inspector General's report as well:


    And, after you read the article, don't find ways to defend Toni. She was responsible was this to go, something which was going on for 35 years until Dignam took over and questioned the 'financial' books.

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