Turnarounds, "On Track" Report, NCLB Windfall?

Turnarounds, "On Track" Report, NCLB Windfall?

Today’s education news roundup: The Board voted to turn the three schools around. There’s a new “On Track” study out from the UofC (and Rand Paul was at the Institute of Politics talking education). Tyler and Ed are bickering in comments. Has anyone figured out yet how much money CPS will get to use thanks to the recent NCLB waiver that ISBE (finally) received — and what it’s going to do with it? Meantime, polls skew strongly in favor of the Common Core in liberal California, and Newark mayoral contenders fight to replace Cory Booker and his reform agenda.


Despite pleas, CPS hands three schools to private operator Sun Times: Despite impassioned pleas from residents, parents, teachers and administrators — and sign-carrying protests outside — the Chicago Public Schools board voted Wednesday to “turn around” three elementary schools, laying off all teachers and staff and handing operations over to a private company.

Three school turnarounds get final OK Catalyst: Board member Andrea Zopp voted against turning around Dvorak and McNair. During the meeting, she was particularly concerned about why the Dvorak principal was being replaced when she had only been in her position for a year and had been trained in one of the premier principal training programs.

Chicago Board Of Education Votes To Turnaround Three CPS Schools Progress IL: Prior to the vote, Zopp noted that Dvorak’s principal is fairly new. Principal Cheryl White, who has been at Dvorak for about two years, is also one of the district’s “better recognized” principals, Zopp said.

CPS board approves 3 schools for AUSL takeover Tribune: He warned schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett that her predecessor, Jean-Claude Brizard, had resigned after a year under Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

LIVE BLOG: Chicago Board of Education votes on turnaround schools Sun Times: The Chicago Board of Education today will vote whether to turnaround three elementary schools. Those schools include McNair Elementary School in Austin, Dvorak Technology Academy in North Lawndale and Gresham Elementary School in Auburn-Gresham.


Sneed: A/C in schools could help cool summer violence Chicago Sun-Times: Memo to detractors giving Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to provide air conditioning for everyChicago Public School classroom the cold shoulder: Ya gotta be kidding! It’s too expensive, you sa

When Chicago Spent Its Pension Money on the Mayor’s Pet Projects Reader: To start with: $250 million for a train station we aren’t using, and maybe never will.

Rand Paul Visits Chicago To Talk Politics, Education Reform Progress IL: When asked by reporters after the event to clarify who the dead-enders are, Paul said, “I would say that the Democrat Party is opposed to charter schools and vouchers pretty much steadfastly, and I would say that the unions have as well.”

Waiver could mean windfall for some schools The State Journal-Register: Illinois’ waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind law could free up $1.2 million for the Springfield School District to spend at 21 schools, according to the district’s Title I coordinator.


Trixie and Chad Have Kids! Crain’s:  As its residents get older, Lincoln Park is growing up—with a $20,000 preschool and $1,600 strollers.

Summer IMSA Programs IMSA: Summer@IMSA day programs provide hands-on, integrative learning experiences for students in grades 3rd-8th.  Make your summer count as you engage in mathematics, be a Jr. Scientist, discover how to engineer for excellence, and so much more! Summer@ IMSA day programs are offered weekly throughout the summer, and are scheduled in various regions throughout the state.


Keeping ninth-graders ‘on track’ raises graduation rate: U. of C. study Sun Times: Less than half of students at Benito Juarez Community Academy High School graduated in 2008 when Juan Carlos Ocon took over as principal, but by 2013, he said, the rate rose to about 69 percent. The secret of Juarez’s success — and the success of 19 other neighborhood high schools in Chicago in getting more students to graduation day — started with the school’s ninth-graders and keeping them “on track,” according to new research to be released Thursday by the University of Chicago’s Consortium on Chicago School research. See also Tribune editorial.


Survey finds Californians back both Common Core and new funding formula EdSource Daily: A survey of 1,702 adult Californians found that 69 percent of Californians overall said they favored Common Core after being read a brief description.

Chiefs at CCSSO Event Say Implementation Focus Put Politics on Backburner State EdWatch: “The extent to which the political conversation rose up on the right and on the left was surprising, because we’ve been talking about this for four years,” Tennessee Commissioner Huffman said.

A Guide to the Many Phases and Faces of Race to the Top PK12: Want to follow the history of Race to the Top, from the very first “Classic” edition to Race to the Top Goes to Preschool to the administration’s current proposal for a Race to the Top for Equity (Plus Teacher Distribution, School Climate, and Everything But the Kitchen Sink?)

How should colleges ensure diversity? PBS NewsHour: At least seven other states have enacted similar bans. The New York Times, using information compiled in part by the National Center for Education Statistics, looked at five of those states and found enrollment at flagship schools immediately fell for African-American and Latino students.

Using Texas model, more states mull religious viewpoints in schools law AJAM: Tennessee becomes second to enact legislation treating religious expression same as nonreligious.


Kansas Residents To First Lady: Stay Out NPR: Guest restrictions and increased security measures are looming as Michelle Obama plans to appear at a Kansas high school graduation next month. Thousands have petitioned to revoke her invitation.

Newark Mayoral Candidates Vying To Replace Cory Booker Battle Over Schools HuffPost: Baraka says the era of “cult worship” in Newark is over, a reference to the popular Booker, who left the mayor’s office to serve as a U.S. senator in October. Jeffries calls Baraka endorser Sharpe James, the scandal-tainted mayor Booker toppled in 2006, one of a “series of candidates who represent Newark’s past.”

Should Students Sit on School Boards? Atlantic: These are issues policymakers have battled for decades, most recently in Los Angeles, the country’s second largest school district, where students now have a voice on their local school board.

Equipped to Dive, Students Make Aquarium Their Classroom NYT: Some students at the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, which has a focus on marine science and technology, are doing an internship that takes them to the New York Aquarium in Coney Island.

LACES (No. 112) ranks as top LA Unified school in US News survey LA School Report: Despite being the nation’s largest state, with the second-largest school district in the country, California placed only one school in The U.S. News and World latest rankings of public high schools, Oxford Academy, near Anaheim, made it to the No. 10 spot.

In Age Of Custom-Tailored Ed Tech, Teachers Shop Off The Rack NPR: Even as investment in education technology grows, teachers say free tools are just as effective as paid ones.

Troubled Mar Vista Teacher Is Now Disadvantaged School’s Burden LA Weekly: Los Angeles Unified School District board members Richard Vladovic and Bennett Kayser may have screwed things up this time.

Female Student Reportedly Kicked Out Of Prom For Wearing Pants HuffPost: School officials were reportedly not down with this student’s prom outfit.  “The teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said she had a problem with what I was wearing,” Rupard told the outlet. “I thought it was because of the hat or the leather jacket, and I was like, ‘Well I’ll take those off,’ and she was like, ‘No, it’s the pants.'”

Video: Alleged School Abuse Caught On Camera NBC News: A teacher’s hidden camera appears to show employees abusing students at an Atlanta school. WXIA’s Kevin Rowson reports the teacher said she wasn’t getting answers from the administration.

Some Florida schools want dress code for parents Today Show: Some Florida school districts are talking about turning the tables on parents and asking them to clean up their act when showing up at school. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.


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  • All I know is when the board wants to do something they do it. They only give in or consider input from the the parents, teachers, or union, or principals, if it doesn't affect their main goal or plans. Minuscule stuff they will give in on. The plan was to turnaround those schools and that's what they are doing. Probably follow the money and you'll see the answer as to why.

    It's always been this way in Chicago. Ca$h

    Shame really.

    You want a real education then send your loved one to a private school or home school and follow Christ. The junk in CPS is broken for good.

    Ex CPS Music Teacher,


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