Air Conditioning + Dvorak Turnaround

Air Conditioning + Dvorak Turnaround

It’s a Board meeting day, and they’ll be talking about $100M in additional air conditioning and the proposed 3 turnarounds (now the Tribune headline writers are using the word “privatization,” too?). Rand Paul was in town, visiting a parochial school and mulling a Presidential campaign.  Rahm is rethinking his loyalty to Bruce Rauner, says Mark Brown. Meanwhile, edTPA is coming in to evaluate new teachers.


Emanuel’s order to add air conditioning to CPS schools an apparent reversal Sun Times: Last September, as temperatures neared 90 degrees, brightly-colored pocket fans with foam blades apparently were good enough for first-graders at Smyser Elementary School, where only the upper grades have air conditioning. More than 17,000 of the donated fans were handed out to students at Chicago Public Schools as a solution to the unseasonable heat earlier

All CPS Classrooms to Get Air Conditioning Within Five Years, Rahm Says DNA Info: Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to bring air conditioning to 206 schools, but without explaining funding.

CPS puts $100 million price tag on mayor’s A/C-in-schools edict Sun Times: The district estimates it’ll spend $20 million per year out of the capital budget over five years to fulfill the mayor’s order to cool classrooms with window units, a CPS spokesman said.


Chicago considers privatizing three more schools Tribune: Concerns are especially great in North Lawndale, where if Dvorak Technology Academy is shifted to AUSL, 68 percent of the West Side community’s 22 public schools will be privately run, more than anywhere else in the city.


Quinn might be looking better to Rahm right about now: Brown Sun Times: Maybe this will finally convince Mayor Rahm Emanuel that he’s better off with fellow Democrat Pat Quinn as governor.

Sen. Rand Paul to African-Americans in Chicago: The GOP wants you Sun Times: Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, who is mulling a presidential run, said today that he’s set out to bring more African-Americans into the Republican Party and Chicago wasn’t a bad place to start. Paul said Chicago could be eligible for $1 billion in funding if legislation he’s proposed passes. The proposal would allow development of economic centers in qualifying cities, he said.

Paul Takes His School-Choice Message to Chicago NYT: Senator Rand Paul spoke of the importance of giving parents more flexibility to decide where their tax dollars go, and labeled those who stand in the way of greater choice “dead-enders.”


Teacher candidates to face new performance assessment Catalyst: Starting in the fall of 2015, teacher candidates must pay the national testing company $300 to evaluate portfolios of their student-teaching performance for a new assessment called the edTPA. The edTPA has been field-tested nationally, including in Illinois, and is modeled after the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

AFT’s Lesson-Sharing Site Clocks a Half-Million Registrants TeacherBeat: AFT’s lesson-sharing partnership has grown to half a million members, the teachers’ union says.

Teachers Say Many Ed-Tech Products Are Ineffective And Aren’t Being Used BuzzFeed: There are thousands of ed-tech products on the market, but barely half of teachers think they are effective, according to a study released today by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Chicago Public Schools teacher blogger nominated for national award White Rhino:  I’m honored that my blog caught the attention of colleagues at the national level, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be included among impressive education bloggers—and in some tough competition. The Educator’s Voice Award in this category is determined by public votes.  To vote for me, follow this link and votebefore May 15.  My official press release is below.

Chicago Public School system pushing food stamps Daily Caller: Chicago Public School parents received robocalls last week encouraging them to sign their children up for food stamps and free or low-cost health insurance


Study: 2 In 5 Americans Earning Degrees After High School NPR: The Lumina Foundation says nearly 40 percent of adults held college degrees in 2012 — the biggest one-year jump since 2008. And it says that 60 percent college attainment is “within reach” by 2025.

Percentage of Americans with college degrees rises, paying for degrees tops financial challenges PBS: Who gets a college degree is still starkly divided by race – 27.6 percent of blacks, 23.4 percent of Native Americans and 19.8 percent of Latinos hold at least a two-year degree, compared to 43.9 percent of whites and 59.4 percent of Asians.

Income Inequality Is A Major Barrier To Attending College NPR: Morning Edition co-host David Greene talks to Suzanne Mettler of Cornell University, author of the new book, Degrees of Inequality: How the Politics of Higher Education Sabotaged the American Dream.


In Tulsa, Combining Preschool With Help For Parents NPR: One nonprofit in Tulsa has flipped the script on preschool. The Community Action Project says its premise simple: To help kids, it says, you often have to help their parents.

California Bill Reignites Affirmative Action Fight ABC New: Affirmative action proposal in California Legislature reignites old debate, divides Democrats.

Prosecutors Describe an Extensive Drug Ring in Affluent Pennsylvania Schools NYT: Two former students of a private school outside of Philadelphia took on an ambitious business venture to control the marijuana trade at local high schools in the wealthy corridor of towns known as the Main Line.

Confused About D.C. School Boundary Changes? There’s An App For That WAMU: Have you heard about possible changes to D.C. public school boundaries but don’t really know how they would affect you? There’s now an app that will help you make sense of it.

Montgomery leader named superintendent of schools in Hartford, Conn. WashPost: The Hartford board of education voted 8 to 1 Monday night to select Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, one of three deputy superintendents in Montgomery County, for the top job in Hartford, according to Hartford schools spokesman David Medina.

Minneapolis schools lauded for equity impact assessments MinnPost: The policy and its roots have gotten some well-deserved national attention from the nonprofit Race Forward, which has offices in Oakland, Chicago and New York City. The group is showcasing the effort as a success story and is offering other communities the tools to replicate it.

School District Puts Teacher Evaluations on the Table Voice of San Diego: The part that may have the biggest impact, however, might also be biggest sticking point: rebooting its system for evaluating teachers.


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  • We have air-conditioning. Half the time it is inoperable. The privatized janitorial staff does not know how to operate the computer system to turn it on. The heat is still on when it is 70 outside. The vents are not cleaned or the blowers are as noisy as a truck engine. AC is great BUT it must be maintained. I would love to know the mold numbers inside of schools with poorly functioning, non-maintained air conditioners. I have a colleague who has hired a technician to come in over the summer to clean out the unit/change filters in her room during the summer-this is done when admin is out of the building. She says she and her students were sick from the dirty unit but now she has less sinus infections-unable to gauge student illness because its not the same class.

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